5 ways to play video games on the TV or the computer or the phone

Are console games so wonderful, but sometimes it may be difficult the acquisition of the TV in order to follow the play, which is why we offer you today 5 ways to play video games on different devices.

1) broadcast the Games Xbox 1 on Windows 10

May be one of the solutions to replace the TV is to use a public computer running Windows 10, so as to permit the application of Xbox Live on Windows to broadcast any game from the library of the Xbox to your computer, add support to save progress which you have done in games before.

2) turn the PlayStation 4 on the computer

Detect your PS4 from your PC with PS4 Remote PlayThis method works on both Windows 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X Yosemite or El Capitan, but you’ll need a computer with i5 processor speed 2.67 cars or faster with 2 gigabytes of RAM at least, as you must download and install the application PS4 Remote Play on Windows or Mac.

3) run the Games PlayStation 4 on Android

Can through a special application known as PS4 Remote Play, are just phones Sony Xperia, broadcast games for the PlayStation 4 to your phone wherever and whenever you want.

4) broadcast the games Steam to the TV.

The Steam Link game streaming box

If you have a powerful computer suitable for gaming and enjoy the big screen experience, you can use your Steam Link to broadcast games from your own library games to the TV.

5) run games Steam on Android

Set up Steam Link on Android

Can via a Steam Link also broadcast your games different to the tablet and Android phones via the app free at Google Play, where it is expected to support iOS later this year.

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