5 ways to use augmented reality in marketing strategies

It is known that markets are shaped according to the needs and desires of consumers, with the development of technology changed those needs and desires, so it is important to adapt your brand with these changes, so as to maintain your place in the market, and I’ve recently figured out the importance of the technique of augmented reality as a means to improve the effectiveness of the strategies of marketing, especially when it comes to increasing the sales and enhance the value of your brand through mobile devices, which is becoming more prevalent now.

Think augmented reality there are emerging strategies for sales and marketing, which allows brands to provide unique experiences for customers, where smartphones have become important devices that customers interact with brands and make purchase decisions.

The following are 5 ways to use augmented reality in marketing strategies:

1 – enable customers to experience the product easily before purchase:

5 طرق لاستخدام الواقع المعزز في إستراتيجيات التسويق

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Wish potential customers always experience the products before buying them, as the room, the clothes, the experience of cosmetics, and test cars, and many other related concepts testify to it, and no longer shopping experiences across augmented reality is currently one of the expectations emerging in the field of retail.

Using augmented reality; the potential customers can experience cosmetics, clothing, and a wide range of related products, during the existence of their home without having to go to stores to try. It also eliminates the need for a physical stockpile of large organizations in order to allow customers to experience dozens, or even hundreds of items looking for the item that meets their needs best.

2. facilitate trade between organizations, and providing assistance:

The augmented reality the possibility of companies add a number to the side of the product by the actual, where customers can scan products using their smartphone, for additional information about these products, representing a distinct form of forms the user experience associated with the brand.

The application of augmented reality in this regard extends to many areas and markets, for example: established company selling tickets StubHub application of augmented reality, which allows users to view three-dimensional view of the stadium, where the Match Play final of the American Football Super Bowl. And it would have helped fans visualize the shape of the stomach of the seats are different and choosing the right seat for them.

In the automotive industry, the Hyundai Hyundai, Mercedes Mercedes augmented reality applications, where was the first Hyundai put the owner’s manual duo, or three-dimensional for smartphones and tablets, which provides the waterproof you ways convenient, and simple to navigate on the full capacity of the car.

5 طرق لاستخدام الواقع المعزز في إستراتيجيات التسويق

The transfer of the Mercedes Concept a step forward, where he developed the application on behalf of Ask Mercedes; the integration by the voice assistant with the interface augmented reality, so that the user can redirect his mobile to the dashboard to learn how to use it, or to get answers to a range of potential questions.

3 – Improving the efficiency of material promotional:

Can augmented reality the optimization of the promotional material for brands such as: business cards tariff Business Cards, brochures, promotional Brochures, where users can scan the printed promotional materials using their mobile devices, to get more information and contact with the brand.

For example: user can scan a book promo on his cell phone to show a video clip highlights some of the information about the product, or scan business cards tariff to quickly access a variety of communication options, which allow the user to communicate with a representative of the brand with a single click either via e-mail, or LinkedIn, or via phone call.

Thus helps augmented reality in increase the attractiveness of the static text in the book, by adding an interactive element to it, an add a distinctive touch to the promotional material the brand.

4. create buzz around the brand:

You can use augmented reality as part of the sales and marketing strategy of indirect, while focused augmented reality apps previous on the tactics initiative to facilitate the sales, they can also be used to enhance the rate of brand awareness itself.

Obviously the design experience of a new reality, leads to a significant increase in the spread of brand awareness and, if implemented correctly. And augmented reality is a relatively new phenomenon for most people, which means that the implementation of any experience depends on this phenomenon, you’ll find people talking about much in the circles of their friends and relatives, because people prefer the brand that innovate new methods end, and therefore this kind of publicity indirectly helps in increasing the profits.

Great examples of the use of augmented reality to raise the rate of interaction and participation: the campaign is Pepsi Pepsi carried out in the bus station, where she helped Pepsi users to interact with the window augmented reality virtual next to the wall of the station to get bored waiting for the bus, thus enabling the company to generate debate and promote the spread of its brand.

As the the transport company of the participatory AWeber a similar campaign in the city of Zurich, Switzerland, where invented experiences of enhanced reality its drivers, and got over a million views on YouTube.

In a competitive market can be promotional campaign that relies on augmented reality technology, is the best way to enable the brand from spreading widely, and access to massive numbers of potential customers, as well as clearly from its competitors.

5 – promote sales to the B2B sector:

One of the most important ways you can augmented reality improve sales B2B; it is to create a sales presentation dynamic, where the old model was includes provide salespeople brochures, flyers, and perhaps a presentation, a traditional using the program PowerPoint. Contrast that with a sales team equipped with digital gives them access to augmented reality applications ad hoc, which provides view the virtual 360-degree lines of their products. It is easy to see the big difference and the extent of the development of the sales team you have.

Tools can augmented reality to allow customers see the product and interact with it in a detailed manner as desired by them, starting from the Product Overview and the end of the examination of detailed components, and by bringing the region to the conference room, the augmented reality gives customers greater access to the information they need to make a purchase decision.

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