5 ways to use stories to Instagram to professionally to promote your brand

Become platform Instagram recently one of the social media platform is important, which seeks a lot of commercial activities to be used in a more professional in order to reach a larger number of users and target communications and marketing appropriate to their interests and encourage them to interact constantly with the content that they publish.

But there is more than just posting the usual photos and videos every week, where are the stories of Instagram important feature can be used effectively to increase the rate of interaction with your brand, and ultimately the acquisition of new customers.

Refer reports to publish content via a feature story will be is a basic feature in social media platforms, through to 2019, where the via posts, the story grows at a rate 15 times faster than posts based on news feeds because of the presence of more than one million users for this feature on Facebook instead, WhatsApp and Snapchat, and for companies that rely on social media platforms to reach their customers, this provides new opportunities for them, although there are some challenges.

Represent the story the other platform will require more attention and follow-up, and may not be this news is something that is welcome by commercial companies that are making great efforts to already manage content across social media channels and where the story require a combination of videos, images, and designs backup, but it’s hard to ignore the strength of its impact, the return potential of the investment, in other words you may not be using the story option for commercial activities, it has become an essential requirement.

The following are 5 ways to use stories to Instagram to professionally in order to enhance your brand:

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1. encourage interaction and feedback audience:

Can be Stories, Instagram is a great way to get customer comments and ideas and feelings about products and services as well as new ideas that you’d like to test.

Includes simple and effective ways to do this is to use the features of the survey and the “Ask a question Ask a Question”. Which enables you to get a better understanding of why he loves his audience, and does not like, and you can plan the content of social media accounts through the answers you might get.

2. design templates for custom for your brand:

Remember that Instagram is a social media platform that relies on visual content in the first place – whether in the newsfeed or in the story – so keep your brand consistent within the story by using custom templates, to impress the followers and encourage them to think.

Provide design platforms like Canva an easy way to create these templates, then add features the usual stories, such as: GIFs, and tags Hashtags and polls, we have, where the use of a custom template for your brand will show your stories, professional-looking and distinct amid the competitors.

3 – diversify the content of the article:

It is important to think about the type of content that fits your audience, your brand, and should work to diversify the content of the article such as: competitions, footage from behind the scenes, collaborating with influencers or staff to talk about the development of new products and features.

Use story effectively from a basic feature of many users, namely the desire to share their photos and videos and see themselves on the screen, instead of watching others only. Some have succeeded brands in discover ways to produce high-quality content through the users and make the followers to enhance the credibility of the brand.

As you think competitions from more types of content to promote on social media in general, including Instagram, so you should hold contests constantly to urge your followers on the development and interaction and you must of course customize the prize value to the winners but not necessarily be those awards are expensive.

There are a lot of types of content that keep your stories fresh and encourages your audience to pay attention to what you offer, and as the story also tend to be more “exclusive” they help in the strengthening of relations with followers of your brand.

4. use tags to reach a larger audience:

Think Stories Instagram is a great way to enable more people to discover your content and follow your brand. So attention using the hashtags relevant in your stories, to facilitate access of target audience to your content when they search for it.

Embed a large number of tags is considered good practice that is recommended when posting content on Instagram and an average of 9 tags publications fact according to the manual tags, which was posted on the blog platform Hootsuite, where it turns out to embed this number of tags helps in getting a higher rate of interaction, but with the proviso that these tags appropriate to the content of the publication.

Use also the feature of the reference site, especially if you are a company or a local service, which helps the appearance of the story in the search results when someone searches for the hashtag that you used to or website.

5. include a call-to-action Call-To-Action

Don’t forget that some of the main goals of marketing via social media is to increase brand awareness and participation in order to build relationships with potential clients; however, there is still a need to use the call-to-action Call-To-Action, and can make use of them in Stories Instagram is great, because viewers regular story you already feel excited about your brand, and therefore have a desire to act upon what you include his invitations to take certain actions such as: increase your website or product page, or purchase directly.

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