5 ways to yeller to avoid downloading viruses and malware on your device

Protect your computer from viruses and malware

Virus and malware threat to users around the world to different devices, whether computers or smart phones and even tablet computers , as we strongly recommend using antivirus strong virus, your behavior as a user make a difference, either to increase the protection of you or put you at risk even with antivirus software and we have offered through our site how technique many articles which help you to fight against viruses , and of course the important part of the viruses that infect computers by various studies is the result of ignorance of the user or worn out, his irreverence about it.

  • Availability of anti-virus on your device is a necessity, not an extra option

Yeah, it’s true, if you think that the operating system you are using is not with regard to film studies and includes the security flaws exploited by vandals, you don’t know the truth.

A simple search on the internet for vulnerability of the operating system that you use will be a lot of news articles and studies that reveal the number and gravity.

For good installation of applications anti virus on your device and to protect yourself from any real dangers, and help protect your device.


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Download anti-virus software


  • Do not ignore warnings and alarms antivirus

Most of the users of software applications lightly with large messages that appear which tell them certain information free to click on the action button without the stick in it.

Anti-virus show you messages from time to time stating that they discovered a virus on your device it asks you permission to delete it, and this is especially when you download the crack or a new program and ignore the message means the survival of the virus in your device to do what He pleases.


  • No need to update applications and the operating system

Updates are necessary and are in come features a new however, most of the security improvements, the developer when they discover security flaws in their products rushing to send the update to fix the problem and you have the independence update.

The operating system is most important to get security updates, and the primary guarantor to prevent viruses and malware from infecting your device.

Also the browser you use for general browsing of the internet must be updated to the latest version, This is to prevent security vulnerabilities and ensure to browse a safer.

Chat apps and social media are other security flaws have updated, the same command also for the development of e-payment and the balance of material where usually threaten loophole its your personal account and your money.


  • Download apps from trusted sources

For for Android devices the Google Play remain is the store’s best security we recommend downloading applications and other content, we at how the technology we depend on in general, bringing programs and applications sometimes propose a novel initiative to improve it without Google Play because those apps don’t exist, but we make sure that links are good and don’t contain any malicious software.

In contrast there are stores of unknown and involved in hacking and stealing Files typically include unfortunately malware can your antivirus detect.

For iPhone computers iPad remains without a doubt the App Store is the best for he knows the applications, games and contents safe.


  • The new file is the source of the threat page

Whether these files are programs or apps or games or documents or images, videos, and music, they all can include viruses and software malicious.

Whether you received through download from websites or through other methods such as external disks and external memory, and also USB flash drives must be scanned before use.

So I always come back to check any new content that you download to your computer before opening it, because after you open it chances are the face of malicious software is weak.


These are the 5 behaviors and ways you can reduce the risks that threaten your device and your data and your digital.

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