500 thousand companies used the service Teams of Microsoft

The number of companies that rely on the service Teams management teams action from Microsoft to 500 thousand companies in just two years of its launch.

This number includes 91 companies out of 100 a huge company in the Fortune 100, and celebrate that record announced the launch of eight new advantages from occasions live custom backgrounds and channels private and secure protection from data loss in the talks and others.

Some of these advantages are available to use since the day some of them will soon become some of them later this year.

To Microsoft’s confidence in the product they own begun using Teams instead of the Skype service business where it was turned 180 thousand employees and provider has to get the entire house in his work and continues daily where you can chat, calls, and virtual meetings via.

Expanded service Teams to provide the day in 44 languages and 181 countries around the world, at the same time. there are some states that prohibit it.

The development of the service Teams quickly during the past two years, in last September – just six months ago – she had 329 thousand companies use, and before the year had its 200 thousand company only, meaning they doubled the number of companies that depend on them by only one year.

It should be noted that Microsoft remember the number of enterprises not the number of actual users for its service, and comes to the success of Teams adds to the success of Office 365, which has 155 million active users per month.

Compared with competitors, Facebook has 2 million users, driven in the service of Workplace parking has 4 million companies rely on pack G Suite series you have 10 million daily active users without determining the number of paid accounts.

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