5G-flagship of Samsung is one of the three


The Samsung Galaxy for many years are the most popular smartphones. Especially users waiting for the announcements of the flagship Galaxy S, which traditionally is manifested most impressive innovation from a market leading smart phones South Korean tech giant. In the Network appeared new details relating to reward innovations that Samsung users will appreciate. Among them — 5G-flagship. Previously it was reportedthat Nokia and Samsung have agreed to 5G.

In the first half of 2019, the market leader in smartphones, Samsung will please many lovers of their products not only three flagships of the Galaxy S10, but the long-awaited folding smart phone. More new message regarding the upcoming premium devices were: Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page gsmarena.com with reference to bloomberg.com.

According to a new report, Samsung is working on three mobile devices Galaxy S10, but only one of them is a phone that is compatible with the 5G networks. In addition, it is also expected to debut foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 — three models of the flagship line

New flagship lineup of Galaxy S10 will be three mobile. First of all, Galaxy S10 with a 5.8-inch, curved in both sides of the AMOLED-screen, triple camera, located on the rear panel (conventional ultrawide and telephoto sensors), built-in display fingerprint scanner located under the display and selfie camera. The Plus model will differ primarily large size of its display.

There is also the model Galaxy S10 entry-level flat AMOLED display. The fingerprint scanner it is likely to be on the side. The message does not specify the features of the cameras of this smartphone. However, it is expected that in the least expensive of the models of Galaxy S10 on the rear panel will be placed camera with a single sensor.

Folding smartphone Samsung

In respect of the convertible notes of the phone that Samsung hopes to dominate this new market niche, which potentially will grow. Today foldable flexible smartphone is not offered by any one company, although it is expected that this mobile device will soon delight connoisseurs of high technology, the second market leader in smart phones, Huawei.

It was assumed that the foldable phone will see the light yet this year, but now it is unlikely. To date, it is unclear whether Samsung will decide to abandon picking their top-of-Jack for headphones.

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