5G networks, smart cities, … everything you need to know

After years of decline, there are networks of fifth generation 5G becoming a reality and promises us a new era of communications. If you are familiar with the capabilities of fifth generation, it is sure that you know that the gap between them and fourth generation networks, and advanced 5G networks upgrades is enormous in terms of speed and latency, which gives you the ability to download the movie with HD quality in a few seconds, in addition to the ability to enjoy live games, all on your smart phone.

Not only will the role of 5G on smart phones according to the, but it is also a revolution in the world of (Internet of Things) IoT, which involves billions of smart devices connected to the internet, which abounds in everything around us, including: homes, offices, and also.

Imagine a city interact with its with the world around them, they take information from the people within it, and manipulates data from sensors deployed on the roads, vehicles, buildings, etc.; with the aim of improving the quality of life for people who live in it.

This; and 5G networks to enable a whole new generation of products and services that can take the smart cities of the world of science fiction into scientific fact – here’s everything you need to know:

Mutations in the transport sector.

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In the era of fifth generation 5G, we will see a boom in the transport sector, as you will be able vehicles on the roads in the smart cities communication among them and with the people. Indeed, it has begun cities such as: Austin American, Singapore, and Dubai in the deployment of a network of interconnected devices, sensors that collect valuable information to improve the transport sector.

Often the development of one of more parts of our daily lives worrying, which causes stress, boredom, and frustration; not to mention millions of working hours lost due to delay, as the time spent by the vehicles in the traffic congestion it works without crashing is not good news for the environment.

Thanks to the data collected by the sensors that are spread on the intersections of roads, can smart city to identify the place of occurrence of traffic jams. It can also modify the traffic signals to allow the passage of more vehicles for each department, can open lanes and additional highways, or ways motorcycles in times of congestion.

It can also keep drivers on the highway with alerts of congestion or incidents directly, and on the plates of their information, allowing them to seamlessly other ways in many times. Finally, it is possible for the emergency services to determine the exact path to get to the accidents, as well as determine the way to the hospital, which may save lives.

Besides the huge jumps that move in the field of self-driving vehicles, has become public transportation more intelligent. As you’ll be able to many cities now provide travelers with updates of the network in real time, as well as the development of special places that are the most crowded in the trains, or where to go to rent a bike.

And analysis methods of public transport Current; see where there are cases of the summit and to use, with the possibility to switch to the least used, or show a whole new way. Meets all this in order to help smart cities to walk in greater safety, making sure that the client is arriving to work on time, and try to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

5G networks, smart cities, … everything you need to know

Conservation of energy for everyone.

The other area that the Smart City significant progress is energy and utilities. We all know that we need to be more environmentally friendly, and can help smart cities to bear this burden, as can using data collected about the habits of pedestrians and vehicles – to make the street-lamps faint, or even can turn it off in areas with traffic low, as can be operated only when the discovery of the presence of a person walks near them. It can be used the escalators, and revolving doors in office buildings; the technique itself, which helps to reduce energy use there.

It can be Buildings, business complexes, and shopping centers – both – the advantage again of running technique lighting when needed only; to reduce the waste of electricity, in addition to enabling policies, intelligent energy that is available for heating or air conditioning, and if there was no one in the office, which saves them money, and keep the planet.

But how will he do touch 5G all this? Simply put, the ability to take advantage of the vast amount of data collected by the sensors existing in a smart city require a tremendous amount of networking.

Can be 5G that provides the ability to connect the number of a lot more than before devices, which form the basis for networks of small cells are effective, which will be the backbone of the infrastructure wireless of the extreme soil conditions, required in a smart city. And cellular networks small across the local area specific, which allows the use of sensor depth for all the smart-city initiatives for data collection, such as: monitoring air quality, or traffic jam.

5G networks, smart cities, … everything you need to know

Cities better connected and more intelligent.

Often come existing 4G networks from the burden of contact Mass in a small area, which is a problem experienced by anyone try to post an update on social networking sites from one place overcrowded, like: concerts, or pitch. But thanks to the growing power of networks 5G, will networks the most connected and the most a priori to strengthen the capacity of cellular networks, small to large, allowing the connection of more powerful, more intelligent.

Besides, the advantages of the mobile connection that will bring 5G networks can also make data transfer more smoothly, not only for real-time analytics of government bodies or companies, but in simple cases such as: tracking the scene next exactly.

There is no doubt that the potential benefits that the promise of smart cities is exciting, they are offering everything from a smooth transition to lower home energy bills. Although this technique is still in a very early stage, however, the advent of 5G technology will give Smart Cities a big boost. Given that the 5G spread all over the world in a way that maximizes our ability to communicate, the potential offered by Smart Cities in the future are truly endless.

5G networks, smart cities, … everything you need to know


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