5G networks ultra-fast connection and download speed also in the consumption data

I started the fifth-generation networks in the diffusion in many regions of the world recently, however, with the start of the spread of this technology and speed of high-tech in analysis and communication, the escalated many questions about the speed its also in the consumption data.

Several phone manufacturers in the recent period to customize one of the versions of the police with the contact networks of the fifth generation, to cope with the rapid deployment of this technology, which comes super fast financing can support the user to download the content of the entire movie in a matter of minutes, but that practical experience to improve the game PUBG combat with a capacity of 2.04 GB via Google Play didn’t take more than 54 minutes, with the advantage of the contact networks of the fifth generation phone LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

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There is no doubt that the fifth-generation networks constitute a revolution in the world of call during the next period, where can help of this technique effectively in a smart home or smart car etc of the devices considered in their work on the internet connection.

I have begun networking technology the fifth generation in the tee to different areas of Australia recently, as spread in many areas already in the UK, where the company offers Telstra and was currently service connected to the fifth generation in these areas.

On the other hand, spread out the fifth-generation networks also in the United States across all of my company, Sprint, and Verizon with the Galaxy S10 5G of Samsung already launched in the markets of the United States, the coverage provided by these companies to provide the fifth generation is still limited and does not differ from the coverage of the Telstra and was currently in Australia according to the tests conducted.

In the coverage of AT&T to provide the network of the fifth generation got the download speed to 1.7 GB per second in some commercial areas in particular.

The performance of technical networks of the fifth generation in Australia

Waiting the technique of the fifth-generation networks in several regions in Australia include each of Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Toowoomba, Launceston, Hobart, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Brisbane.

While the versions 5G in smart phones from LG V50 ThinQ, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and Oppo phone Reno 5G, while the service networks of the fifth generation in the coastal areas mentioned by the company Telstra and was currently, which confirmed that the coverage of this technique will reach every 1 to 2 miles in specific areas with the end of the month of June.

From another side confirmed Telstra and was currently on its plans for expansion in other cities with greater coverage up to 5 times to provide the fifth-generation networks by 2020.

I have been using the application Speedtest.net to test the performance speed of the contact networks of the fifth generation, with the speed to 500 MB in each of the season two order and the latter in particular got the download speed to 485 MB per second, and upload links to 63 MB per second, and in Season Two I reached the speed of conversion to 489 MB per second, and 64.3 mega bytes per second, so the company Telstra and was currently presented to speed in the download got to 13 times greater than the download speed for 4G networks in Australia, while the speed of the upload to 7 times faster than 4G networks.

In the experience of the process of this theft in download game PUBG combat with a capacity of 2.04 GB via Google Play didn’t take more than 54 minutes, with the advantage of the contact networks of the fifth generation phone LG V50 ThinQ 5G, while it took 5 minutes and 55 seconds to download PUBG and 110 seconds to download the Wine Country with networks of home internet possible broadband.

The performance of the technique is the 5G compared to the 4G networks

In the experience of the operation speed performance of the networks 5G compared to 4G networks, he iPhone XS Max related networks 4G download Wine Country during the two minutes and 10 seconds, or 9 seconds faster than the phone Oppo Reno 5G, except that it is less the speed of the phone LG V50 related networks 5G.

While it was downloading “Wine Country” with an LG phone to V50 through 66 seconds via 4G networks in your home while the duration of the movie download through Telstra and was currently 5G during 75 seconds.

The future of 5G networks

Approaching the speed of the networks of the fifth generation of 500 mega bytes per second, a Speed 10 times higher than the speed of 4G networks with Telstra and was currently, as it comes quickly 5 times more than the internet possible broadband in Australia.

Has provided Telstra and was currently showing live speed fifth-generation networks in Australia at its launch which reached a speed of 1.5 or 2 giga bytes per second, where the company confirmed that this speed would be super in the future with coverage of the broader networks 5G.

On the other hand, won’t come to this secret level pricing is less definitely or free, where start versions of 5G smartphones that feature high priced certainly, along with the subscription is also possible at a high price for this service.

Also with the level of pricing associated with the service connected to the 5G, the big secret that will be enjoyed by the user will also lead to greater speed in the consumption data, where in the practical experience to achieve the game PUBG with two movies from Netflix a message came to consume the data up to 50% of selected data up to 20 GB.

May drop the pricing of communication services to networks fifth generation later in different companies, so may not represent the consumption data a rapid problem of many later, due to the availability of data plans up to 50 GB and 150 in bytes also, so in the end that we will see the evolution of the spread of networking technology the fifth generation in more areas around the world.


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