6 add-ons Chrome will help you to analyze website performance easily

Management is your website the process is very difficult, requiring you to keep abreast of new developments, and to follow updates on the way to work the algorithms of search engines.

After exceeding the number of internet users to 4 billion users by 2018, and the number of internet sites of million site – according to the latest statistics of the instantaneous position internetlivestats – the theme is no longer just create a website, and run it, where it requires the use of precision instruments to calculate the number of site visitors, tracking their behavior, helping site managers to improve their performance, and constantly developed. Fortunately; there are many add-ons Chrome that allows you to manage your website, improve performance, and develop it easily.

At the following are 6 add-ons Chrome will help you to analyze the performance of your site without leaving the Web page:

1 – Add SimilarWeb:

6 إضافات كروم تساعدك على تحليل أداء موقع الويب بسهولة

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Help you add SimilarWeb to analyze the performance of your site easily, and help you develop a strategy for your administration of the site in the light of the results of this analysis; to get the best results.

Allows you to of this addendum found on the key metrics of the site, such as: your site’s ranking globally, and the sources of visits, tracking the number of links on other websites that point to your site, evaluate the Keywords, etc. And most importantly, it allows you to analyze the bounce rate, the amount of time that people spent on your site.

As you can also see analytics for sites of your competitors, and identify the main sources of user traffic to their sites.

2. Add Serpstat:

6 إضافات كروم تساعدك على تحليل أداء موقع الويب بسهولة

Think add Serpstat an ideal solution for analysis to arrange the appearance of your website in search engines easily, allowing you to obtain data about visits, keywords, cost-per-click for keywords, arrange your website according to the site Alexa, the speed of the website, all from one place.

As you evaluate the words, phrases, keywords, and search about a month, when analysing your competitors ‘ websites, you can choose the right keywords, that you want to include in your site, as well as improve the quality of the content by identifying the main ideas of sites of competitors, you can also use this addon to check if the rating your site has recently dropped.

3 – Add Woorank:

إضافة Woorank

Think add the Woorank is a powerful tool for e-marketing, web developers, and employees once you improve CTR in search engines SEO, where help in tracking a lot of problems with web sites, and analysis; to determine the results.

This addon allows the analysis of many of the factors order of appearance in the search engines for your website, including: website loading speed, ease of use of website – especially the version phones – and errors of development, and order of appearance in the search results according to the scope of a particular geographical location, and much more.

The most important characteristic of this addition is that they provide you with the total result of your site, based on the effectiveness of the efforts undertaken to improve the site, it is useful to check the criteria of the green dots; to see what the impact on your site positively, as well as points with two-color orange and red, to help you figure out what it takes to develop your site, and improve its performance.

4. add Spark Content Optimizer:

This Add-On provides easy access to the basic factors, which has a local website to know, where help you in improving every aspect of the existing content on your site, by leveraging data and insights to improve the search engines as possible.

Allows you to add Spark Content Optimizer access to data such as: assessment of the performance of the website for words, phrases and keywords used, and analysis and tracking of back links and Backlinks, which are pointing to your site, as well as links pointing to the sites of the competitors, freedom of site visits per month.

5 – Add Page Analytics:

إضافة Page Analytics

Allows you to add Page Analytics from Google to learn how customers interact with your website, follow through the many data such as: total views and average time spent by a customer in your site, and bounce rate, the number of visitors active intraday and clicks in the site, and then you can use this data to improve website design, improve user experience, increase visits.

6 – added Check My Links:

إضافة Check My Links

You add Check My Links quick scan for pages of website, to show you the links that work correctly the and the links are broken broken links, with this add-on Can professionals e-marketing to ensure that their website work properly, in addition to the possibility of transformation of back links are broken, any content posted previously on other websites, which helps them make better decisions, faster.

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