6 Android apps new fun (13)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play during the week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here we have about 6 applications emerged from the door during the last two weeks.

“5 Android apps-new fun (12)

“Games Android new and fun (13)

Sound Amplifier

The application of the development of the Google Wave for the hearing impaired where sound amplification is consistent the user and the settings that he chooses.

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Live TranscCribe

He is also the development of Google Wave for the hearing impaired and deaf, where he can recognize the voice of the speaker to get his words to written text, they can learn more than 70 languages including Arabic, and even get a high accuracy is recommended to make the phone between you and the speaker during use.

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Night Video Player – voice amplifier

New video player supports the default skin dark, which is the first application on Android offers a feature to “improve the sounds associated with”, which will notice when watching a movie or show in a quiet environment, where the indication of the voice of the modern people to reduce loud sounds such as explosions. The application also supports to merge the translation with the video, create menus and customize them.

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EPIX NOW: Stream Movies & TV

This app offers you 7 days free to view and download a wide selection of movies and series, without hold you together after that, which would be$ 6 per month. Also knowing that it is limited to expand geographically, so you can use this trick: how to download apps restricted in your country from Google Play.

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MyScript Calculator 2

With respect to this application to draw complex mathematical problems and then solve them, but it is available for 3$.

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Digital Dojo Karate Training

Those who practice karate, help their application to master the Katas have different styles.

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