6 apps and games Android new and fun.. renewed weekly

Join the Play store hundreds of apps and games daily, but the majority of them be naive, so we’ll see you new apps and games featured in this article, knowing that some may be old, but he got a big update recently.


Release dates FaceApp to 2017, but recently regained its luster after a big update. And the function of the app by adding filters for personal health to look more suitable to participate, including adding effects “makeup” different and even change the color of the hair, and many use social networks recently predictable users in the old age, it is in it depends on the advanced algorithms relative to those of rivals, after image analysis of the application by adding the signs of aging such as wrinkles under the eyes and relieve the hair of the eyebrows; but by a specific control input. Finally, it should be noted that the best functionality of the application is closed even purchase a copy premium.

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