6 apps phone sing your makeup

The laugh is not the only secret for a great image, but there are some touches that you can add to your photo to appear beautiful and more glow.

In the past it was necessary to go to modify-up before taking pictures, but thanks to install some apps on your phone you can change your image for the better.

Offer you the best 6 apps to change the color of the hair and as well as makeup and even nails:

Application YouCam Makeup

6 تطبيقات للهاتف تغنيك عن المكياج

This app is available for phones running Android and”iOS”. Since its launch won the admiration of the 100 million users they have to try and keep up the update on their phones.

The app offers the possibility to change the facial features, the alignment of the colors, whiten teeth, apply makeup on the eyes and lips.

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