6 aspects of focus phones 2020

Witnessed 2019 dispense the sheet to the camera mechanism or a hole in the screen, and the first phones that adopts the fifth-generation networks, reader fingerprint built-in screen, and the demise of the separate hearing of another age, a Phones Samsung, what awaits us in the phones 2020’s?

Expanded prevalence of 5G networks

Taken Qualcomm decisions in processors Snapdragon 865 و765 New maybe that will force companies to support the fifth-generation networks such as modem X55 which can be combined with the Snapdragon 865 flagship offers contact and cover the best networks of the fourth generation also of any modem another.

And will not it is up to the phones age, but the phones available as well, thanks to the Snapdragon processor 765 source to reduce power consumption when the use of 5G networks, which protects companies to adopt the technology in phones 2020.

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