6 electronic games expected to launch during the second half of 2019

We had talked before about some of the games that have already launched during the first quarter of 2019, and now we’re approaching mid-year, and still have companies developing games a lot to keep us, where there are several versions of electronic games to be launched during the remaining months of the year 2019.

There is a game room, not the dates of the launch of the specific day and during the next period, but there are a number of games there is no dates for launching specific, and it is expected to launch during the remainder of this year.

In the following 6 electronic games will be released during the remaining period of 2019 with a brief about them:

1 – game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:

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Finish this game to the category adventure games, action in the context of science fiction, a production company, Respawn Entertainment owned by Electronic Arts , the famous American, have the date for the launch of the game on November 15, 2019; and, as shown on official website and will be available for: Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and PC.

The hero of the game Cal Kestis belongs to a Organization of Jedi known in the series science fiction movies of the famous Star Wars, who use the safety of Mr. Bright which is famous by these films, and during the game the training of the members of the organization to overcome your enemies, solve mysterious puzzles, which see you while playing, to stay alive.

2 – game The Outer Worlds news:

This game depends on role-playing and corrigendum of the first-person perspective first-person shooter set in the context of science fiction, where he loses the hero on board the spaceship, colonial, heading to the edge of the area, then wake up decades later to find himself in the midst of a big conspiracy aimed at the destruction of a colony of these.

Going through the game exploring over long distances in space, fight many different factions, all vying for power, and will be determined by the fate of a colony of these based on your game.

The game is developed by Obsidian, and even now did not move the date of its launch by 2019, and will be available for the PC, andthe PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

3 – game Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

The company producing this game company is Square Enix of Japan, is expected to be launched during this year, but launch date is not yet determined, will be the game available for PlayStation 4 only, but it is likely that the available versions of it for PC, and Xbox One in the future.

This game belongs to Category action games and customize characters, have launched the first version in 1997, and the new version as a re-design for the first version of the game will be set around a former soldier in the institution named Sherry we join the group Avalanche to fight against the institution of sherry our host the life energy of the planet, to find himself involved in something bigger.

4 – the game Ghost of Tsushima:

This game category adventure, historical, where it takes place in 1274, when it was warriors of Japanese samurai fighting for the liberation of the island of Tsushima from the Mongol invasion, and the hero of the game is the last samurai left, where they will be fighting in a different style to achieve the island.

The game developed by Sucker Punch American owned by Sony, and is expected to launch during this year and will be available only for the PlayStation 4.

5 – the game for Shenmue 3:

Is the main focus of this game in Hero games fighting Ryo Hazuki, who is seeking to search for the murderer of his father, and it’s set in China in the eighties, and this game category action games, adventures.

The date for the official launch of this game to be on August 27th of this year, and will be available for PlayStation 4, and PC.

6 – the game Borderlands 3:

Seven years after the launch of the previous version of Borderlands 2, the company announced Gearbox Software that it will launch a new version of the game carries the name of the Borderlands 3, and select a date ever to be on September 13 of this year, where the game will be available for PlayStation 4,, and Xbox One, and PC.

Finish this game to the category of action games, adventures in the context of science fiction, relying in a game its role-playing and corrigendum of the first-person perspective first-person shooter, where will the hero fight his enemies who are called twins Calypso through several missions using multiple types of weapons.


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