6 features provided by Google to the owners of local business through Google My Business

What do search engines (Google for example) It works as a link between the digital content on the one hand and Internet users on the other, but when a user searches for something and not finding it via those engines, it does not necessarily mean the failure of those services delivered to the required destination, but the reason may be that there is no point of origin, there is no content requested by the user, and then the results are disappointing, we are not talking here about content in general, We’re talking particularly about the use of search engines to get information on business services and local institutions working in the city or the state of residence of the user.

When people are searching in Google (or Google Maps) For the name of your business or service then they don’t find satisfactory results, it means that you have to do some serious steps to get to you all looking for your organization via Google or other search engines, there are many ways to get people here safely, the simplest website creation, digital and prepare it well in order to be placed in the first result, we have referred to the importance of being digital in some detail in a previous article, today we will just focus on taking advantage of the free service offered by Google to each owner of a business or service no location and address of a constant in the city, It’s a Service (Google My Business).

About Google My Business

The Google during the past years the development of this service and customize the interface for local businesses in particular, it is an extension of the Service Google Places was integrated with Google Maps, and provide a property definition establishments within the map without the submission of comprehensive details.

Now all employers are invited to create a new account and show the statement of their facilities or their local on a map and search engine, registration is free and requires some steps through which you define your business and identify its place in the map, then the remaining step is the final key is not starting only, is to verify that you are the employer or delegated to managing, where it is sending the activation code to your business address that you defined in the beginning (in laminated paper), And enter that code so you can then take advantage of all the characteristics provided through this service, which we will review in the following points.

1. On the map

This service facilitates the researchers about you to find you via the search page and across Google Maps as well, and we all know how important facing the inside of the map, it is a lot of people in this age depend on Google Maps to look for a pharmacy nearby, or a restaurant, it is a lot, the app provides them with a feature set exactly the place and guidance until the user reaches the Office of the store safely.

2. Comprehensive information

Is not a feature (on the map) is just a sign placed at the location of your spatial only, but more than that, when the user clicks on the name of your shop or location of your company in the map, it will apply directly to the rectangular displays some detailed information about you and your business, useful information, keeps on receiving a lot of calls to answer the same questions every time, from the information that you know:

  • The address of the office or the
  • The phone number
  • Link to website
  • Working hours
  • Photo shop or service
  • The Ratings and comments of previous customers.

3. Communication with customers

The information mentioned in the previous point, you’ll have to add them and modify them through your control panel (except for the Ratings and comments of previous customers), and those that will be available to you after you register and confirm the title, but there’s something else that can be done via that interface, it’s communication with customers and interested in making its services or products.

It’ll be available for everyone to write evaluations about you and your Services/ your products that you offer, but more importantly you’re able to respond to them and smoke with them in the text conversation help in bringing the views or solve problems if any.

4. Control Panel and Statistics

After registration and completion of the verification process, you will have your own control panel, they can be accessed from the web directly or via the app service (Android or iPhone), and through the control panel you will be able to modify all of the information that will appear to others, will be able to answer comments and other possibilities.

Something else useful is statistics or (Insights), which not only give you information on the number of visits and visitors and where they came from, but it offers you the statistics about the thought processes that they have done, such as the number of people who clicked on the icon of the phone call, or the number of persons (in the specified cities) who clicked on the icon of the router to the address to reach your place easily via the guidance of the application of Google Maps, it’s really important information to help you evaluate your performance and improve your photo digital.

5. Space for writing

Yes, you can write the publications and publish them in the corner of your own, as you could also post some images that illustrate the service you provide better, and this property is useful in large hotels and other places that provide accommodation services paid, the visitor wants to see some pictures of the room and interior partitions before you decide to book a room or suite.

Can take advantage of this characteristic to publish some special offers or published some publications that focus on certain advantages of your products or services in a seamless manner to help in the marketing of what they offer and encourage people to buy or demand.

6. Website free

Almost all large business sites have digital, a lot of business available as well, but what about the small business, some of the employers do not have the expertise or time to set up an entire website, so I have to resort to a property (location free) provided by Google is useful to them.

When you activate this feature, you will be building a website automatically based on the data published in the corner of your own, the link is a link to a sub of your choice, provided that the available option of one of kiss, will be the site simple to know the basic information and photos selected, and it will be easy to manage and update and does not require any expertise of software.

Sources and useful links:

  • Official website for Google My Business
  • The Forum of dialogue and discussion service
  • Service channel official on YouTube

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