6 hidden features of the stories in Instagram, which you didn’t know

Instagram today is one of the most popular social networks. She is constantly acquires new and new features. For quite some time in Instagram appeared a story (or stories) that you can publish in a special tape and they will be available to your subscribers 24 hours. However, history is not just an additional opportunity to share photos. The stories have a lot of functions, which you might not know. Exactly about them we’ll talk.

Add multiple photos into one story

It’s very simple. And it does not need to create collages. First insert the first photo in the story and then copy it. Then change the photo and paste the previously copied photo. You can also adjust the size and position of each photo.

Use different fonts

It is not necessary to use the built in Instagram fonts that have all pulled out. In order to diversify their stories, you have the opportunity to do so. You need a free app like Canva and Unfoldthat allow you to edit and sign them using the preloaded collection of fonts. Second

More colors available…

Why stop at pre-set color choices for text and photos, when there is a simple trick to access all palite? Press and hold any of the major colors, to open a large color strip. You can also use the eyedropper to choose your own color from the palette on the screen.

Color gradients

You can make the transition from one color to another in your labels. For this you need to do the following:

  • Write your own text on a photo in history.
  • Select all the text.
  • Keep the thumb of the right hand on the icon of the same color.
  • Press the thumb of the left hand on the icon of a different color.
  • Now “throw” the resulting gradient to your text.

Use the interactive stickers

Instagram adds a new feature in the menu of the stickers every few months. Following the surveys and quizzes, they introduced the ability to use Emoji or smileys as response options.

Use of third party apps

We mentioned some programs for working with stories. But there are a couple more interesting for you. For example, StoryArt, offering easy to use templates to create stories from Kodak, Fuji, Ilford and many others. You can also try Photoshop Mix. This app allows you to work with layers and will give the opportunity to put really cool pictures.

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