6 iPhone applications becoming free temporarily (24)

Between now and then have some apps or features paid free for a limited time, here are 6 apps available on Sunday 21/04/2019 free in the App Store, and knowing that these presentations introduction to the application developers without specifying the period of continuation that does not exceed usually 24 hours.

IQ Test – With Solutions

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Offers you app the IQ test famous measure of intelligence, which is one of the standardized tests designed to assess intelligence from the industry the psychologist William Stern, in addition to solutions to questions.

Original price 2.99$ – available now for free: download here.

FotoMap-where photo was taken

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Characteristic application displays you the locations of the pictures you have taken on the map, where you can click on the image or the place will show you all the photos taken in this place, which is a distinctive way to organize your photos.

Original price 3.99$ – available now for free: download here.

Epica Pro – Epic camera

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Applications the most entertaining in the world, where lets you modify your photos a fabulous collection of designs that didn’t see them in any other application, as you can add effects and filters multiple.

Original price 1.99$ – available now for free: download here.

Make A Call – Fake Call

The app lets you do a fake call, where you can serve your friends that the representatives or the players of the football world they call you, the app is completely free of ads.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: download here.

GPS Tracker | GPS tracking

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The app lets you locate your family easily, it also tells you the pace going, it also enables you to share your current location and a lot of other advantages.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: download here.

AutoSender Pro – Auto Messages

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪AutoSender Pro - Auto Messages‬‏

The app lets you automate your private messages, sometimes we want to deliver some messages at specific times and do not remember that such as greetings, holidays or otherwise according to the requirements of each user, and use the app very easy.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: download here.

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