6 most important features in a camera phone Honor 20 Pro

Enable phone (Honor 20 Pro) from the realization rate of 111 points in the camera test the comprehensive experiment platform (DxOMark), which is the highest of all, where he ranked second in the rating.

Scooped the phone ranked high thanks to the performance of the camera and optical image stabilization (OIS) and digital (EIS), where he designed to honor a camera phone its HONOR 20 PRO allows professional photographers and other photography lovers express their creations, and report moments of their lives clearly, and the details accurate, even in environments with low lighting.

Comes phone Honor 20 Pro in the back with a vertical quad lenses; basic: strictly 48 megapixel camera, with f/1.4 lens, works sensor Sony IMX586 the same as the one in OnePlus 7 Pro; supports the installation of optical, pressure auto image rotation, and the second: accurately 16-megapixel camera, with a lens of f / 2.2, wide-angle 117 degrees, and the second: accurately 8 megapixel, and lens f/2.4; with the support optical zoom 3x, the fourth: a macro lens is a 2 MP with a lens of f/2.4.

The system supports many camera features artificial intelligence, where they can add the feature ( AI Ultra-clarity) more detail and light, albeit with exposure for 3-5 seconds, it can also help you put a property of night photography superior artificial intelligence (AI Super Night) in getting the shot perfect night by adding more light and details.

The front camera is a camera single-lens strictly 32-megapixel, and lens f/2.0, the phone supports video shooting 4K at 30 frames per second only.

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The following are the 6 most important features in a camera phone HONOR 20 PRO

1 – high resolution to capture the finest details

أهم 6 ميزات في كاميرا هاتف Honor 20 Pro

Supports processor Kirin 980 – who works by the phone – number of the features of artificial intelligence, it also enhances therapist capabilities of the camera thanks to the unit neural processing (NPU) dual, and image signal processor (ISP) Dual, which supports two to capture the details clearly and the quality is very high, even if picked up images from a great distance.

2 – four lenses background to document the most beautiful moments:

This is the first time where the Honor phone is equipped with sensors Sony (Sony IMX586) accurately 48-megapixel camera, with lens wide the size of f/1.4, to give you superior quality photos.

Can for wide-angle (117°); that covers an area larger photography to include all the details in one image, as you can zoom the image to three times (3x) for all that is remote, either a macro lens act like the lens is 4 centimeters just from the title, all this guarantees you a fantastic image with the utmost professionalism.

You should be able to choose between different lenses, commensurate with the scenario of the export and after pictures, and you can also navigate between the lens core, lens wide angle, a zoom lens, the lens of the macro with the utmost safety and simplicity.

3 – installation feature optical image:

Supports all of the basic lens and zoom lens in the phone HONOR 20 PRO feature optical image stabilization (4-axis OIS), where the function OIS with the support of the processor Kirin 980 to reduce movement or vibration is undesirable, so the actual time to take the picture. The result is avoid shaky images blur, and you have the clarity high, the steadiness is perfect in every shot.

4 – mode Smart night :

التصوير الليلي

Ensure you put Night Photography superior artificial intelligence (AI Super Night) in the phone HONOR 20 PRO obtain high-definition images taken in dimly lit places, even in the case of hand-shake during image capture. With support from the algorithm image stabilization artificial intelligence (AIS) and riveting visual images with four-axis (4-axis OIS).

And because the smartphone Honor 20 Pro with the best techniques of photography, you’ll be able to capture the splendor of the light of the moon with your hand without the use of a camera stand Tripod or any photographic equipment-ins. Thanks to the advantage of the digital zoom up to 30 times 30x of a lens the phone calls best sensor Sony measuring 1/2 inch.

5 – not having the videos shaky:

أهم 6 ميزات في كاميرا هاتف Honor 20 Pro

Phone supports HONOR 20 PRO technology electronic stabilization of the image (EIS) to enable you to shoot videos in high reliability and quality, even in the most difficult shooting conditions; without the need to use equipment to install the camera, or camera stand Tripod.

Phone can honor 20 Pro capture videos in slow motion at a rate of 960 frames per second, so you can watch the video to the smallest details and enjoy the experience of viewing.

6 – the power of the front camera:

الكاميرا الأمامية

Come the front camera in the phone HONOR 20 PRO Strictly 32-megapixel high resolution, and intelligently four pixels in one pixel bigger, to be your personal photos brighter and clearer.

Says put cosmetic effects of subsidized artificial intelligence a new whole, and portraiture, adding a shallow depth of health with the effect of the export currency is clear, to make the photos look nicer and more creative.

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