6 most important features in a preview version Android P

Google announced a few days ago for a copy of the first preview of the new operating system Android P prior to the official announcement of the available system detected during the Google I/O in May, and the launch of the preview version of the first developers but they give a glimpse of the most important features that will be included in the final version which will be available to users soon.

It is considered the operating system Android P is the ninth release of Google Android, comes an update for the Android operating system oreo, is scheduled to launch the preview version of the second of the new operating system through May the preview version of the third and fourth will be put up during the month of June, and the fifth scheduled for launch in the month of July is the launch of the final version of the operating system during the second quarter of this year, we will recognize the most important features that are expected to get them with the new operating system from Google.

6 most important features in a preview version Android P

  • Support Notch (the design of the upper screen)

During the financial period appeared many leaks about supporting the new operating system Android P for the design of the Notch that is found at the top of Phone iPhone X, and a telephone Essential PH-1 which is particular to the front facing camera, and during the next period of expected to be unveiled several new phones, which carry the same design, one of the most important features of the new operating system is its support for that design so that there is no conflict when you run some applications in addition to allowing developers the possibility of changing the height of the notification bar automatically fit the theme of the camera, It has also been transfer of the former to the left to fit better with the upper pieces that’s in the screen.

  • Renewed design

Did not disclose company Google explicitly that there is a renewed design will come out of the operating system Android P, but through the preview version we find the Settings menu has got a new design where I became colored as the battery, as was the transfer time to appear on the left side of the screen to fit with the upper pieces of the company, and when you press the power button a menu will appear containing the option to capture the image of the company with the ability to modify them quickly, as the control bar in the photo were moved to the right side along the full length.

  • Notices best

Got the Notification Center in a preview version on some process improvements, in particular notices relating to the application of communication, as the image appears above the notification list quick find they show the length of the screen with the display of the photo directly within the notification with the support of the feature responses smart and other improvements as Google is constantly on the development of the Notification Center.

  • Support for multiple cameras

Come Android phones camera double, but the features of those cameras are limited to the default Camera application but only through the operating system Android P the user will be able to take advantage of the multiple cameras such as zoom, blur the background within other applications such as snapchat, Instagram and others.

  • Geo-positioning within the indoor

The operating system supports Android P the Protocol IEEE 802.11 mc Wi-Fi, which you can track the geographic locations within the indoor better, it means you you can trade easier within the shopping malls that resemble a maze.

  • HDR support VP9 and HEIF

Includes new operating system support profile HDR VP9 which makes it easy to watch movies at the rate of the HDR, in addition to supporting the coordination of HEIF which is a compression format images in HD which you can compress images to less than half its size in JPEG format while maintaining the quality of the image, which has an effective role in the provision of storage space on smartphones.


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