6 new innovations in phone Huawei Nova 3 The New, you know, we have

Using Huawei Huawei in provide all that is new and innovative in the manufacture of smart phones all categories, with the launch of phone Nova 3 new in the beginning of the month, and in this short period made the phone a huge success by reviewers and consumers together, because it holds the potential of sophisticated make in the front of the phone category above medium, this in addition to his fame to successfully photography by the 4 cameras are powered by artificial intelligence AI.

Due to the overwhelming success of the phone to the 6 innovations that make it the first choice for the large category of consumers, especially young people, to invite you here to spy on us.

(1) Dual front camera powered with artificial intelligence AI

The phone features a Camera, Dual front strictly 24-megapixel and 2-megapixel girl Lens F/2.0, designed to provide a picture of the “selfie” enhanced technology of artificial intelligence to the experience of photography selfies towards levels of professional, in addition to the ability to perceive more than 200 script of the scene that is being photographed and apply a unique set of conversion factors of each scene to get the image less what can be described as fraud.

And develop phone based on data from a global study on how to recognize users for their gender, the color of their skin, and cook it on the algorithm roaming expected to get picture perfect selfies and enhanced artificial intelligence.

(2) HDR standby to capture clear images even in low light conditions

Supports Huawei Nova 3 preview and recording the footage in real time with high dynamic range (HDR), as well as lighting options quality Studio professional photography. At the same time, can the phone determine the facial features of the five work, and the development of three-dimensional model to identify areas that require more lighting or cosmetic.

(3) the style of filming of ’portraiture‘ of the enhanced artificial intelligence

The Huawei phone Nova 3 five lighting effects virtual enhanced by artificial intelligence, which will constitute the three-dimensional model and apply adjustments or effects lighting after the transformation of facial features, as can the phone carry out a facelift natural skin according to the three-dimensional face, and the various scenarios.

The phone also features lifestyle photography portraiture own movies with the scenario, and apply effects to Albuquerque, and through this style, users can get the pictures of the lights, blurry, and footage cinematic with the effects of Booker art.

(4) The selfie stick crew entertainment

Equipped camera settings Huawei Nova 3 codes Qmojis three-dimensional, which has the ability to form Pack emoticons and a three-dimensional video or three-dimensional cross-reading the impressions of the face through a dual camera and voice recording via microphone, and amazing results to share on social networks.

(5) great view with roaming feature artificial intelligence

The camera in the phone Nova 3 dimension focal lengths up to 35 mm voice selfie, which allows the field of view optimized to capture the image of the porter. Less roaming technology, she smiled and Huawei huge database of selfies to get a better understanding about their users, and improve their own products wholesale.

The phone features seven colors for the skin users can choose from, ranging between the normal and bright to soft and other. In addition to skin colors, there are seven patterns and texture of the skin can be adjusted. It is through the modification of skin’s tone and texture, users can customize their photo selfie what fits their own sense of beauty.

(6) processing the graphic very clear with the technique of artificial intelligence

Through the acquisition of information extracted from a huge number of images, the phone Nova 3 processing fee and severe clarity enhanced artificial intelligence. Depending on a careful analysis of the various properties in the image, the phone can use his intelligence the artificial to strengthen the visibility of the edges of the objects, the greater purity of sound.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei Nova 3 targeted the category of young users, who are looking to take selfie pictures are in high quality, where to Settings and software the phone that works with consensus and harmony, fully embodies the concept of optimal experience with the use of a leader.

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