6 properties opens its OnePlus 6

Know the company OnePlus on its phones high-spec killer phones the competition of its class, although it lacks the latest phones OnePlus 6 not essential features in the handsets of high specifications that are currently in the market.

Buy OnePlus 6 or not? Here are the advantages and disadvantages

1 – wireless charging

Although the phone OnePlus 6 is the first OnePlus the back glass it does not support feature wireless charging Qi, although technology provides Dash Charging innovative company fast.

2 – water resistance

There is no official authorization resistant waterproof phone, but he turns the spray light.

3. screen resolution

Missing phone OnePlus 6 inches high QHD (1440 × 2960) available in the phones high Specifications, The makers still carry the accuracy of the HD+ (1080 × 2280).

4 – slow motion video

There is no evolution in the techniques of slow motion video in the phone OnePlus 6 and stops at the basic techniques just to slow.

5 – HDR

Misses the phone as well the ability to shoot HDR video, which means lower quality videos when captured in low light or weak.

6 – stereo speakers

Missing phone OnePlus 6 further speakers blasting stereos, while carrying a product NOT of the Samsung Galaxy S9 stereo speakers with technical support surround sound (Dolby).

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