6 questions about Facebook digital named LeBron

Announced Facebook a few days ago about the work of their e-named Libra (Libra), which is supposed to launch in 2020, where the cooperation Facebook with a large group of multinational companies to launch the currency.

It is supposed to monitor the work when launched in 2020 by the Union of an independent non-profit supports (Libra Association).

As Facebook announced its new company subsidiary called Care (Calibra), to launch a portfolio of digital work and applications that allows to send work and receive.

He was the legislators expressed their concern about the Libres, as they refused to Bruno Le Marie Bruno le Marie, the French finance minister, the prospect of turning LeBron into the currency of the policy independent.

Called a member of Congress and chairman of the Financial Services Commission in the House of Representatives, Maxine Waters Maxine Waters, Facebook, to stop their plans temporarily to be able to the product of the system in the crypto-currency new.

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In the shadow of the survival of the entire year to launch the LeBron, there are a lot of major questions about the new service, as we do not yet know how to plan for Facebook to comply with the laws of each country in relation to financial transactions; we also don’t know whether Facebook partners Libres others will provide any kind of protection for consumers.

Apart from some of the past questions the elder about LeBron, here are six other things we still wonder about the crypto-currency new:

1. How involved Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in Libres:

Explains the Union of Libra (Libra Association) on the LeBron to wear your Qi (Libra Blockchain), and also runs a reserve of Libra (Libra reserve) to ensure the stability of the value of the electronic currency.

The consortium is composed of Companies Foundation to work encrypted, and contributed to each of them approximately $ 10 million.

According to the Financial Times (The Financial Times), the member include: PayPal; and Vodafone; the and AWeber; and Mastercard; and; the sportive; and (Lyft) – does not include Union Amazon or Google or Apple or any banks.

Aims of the Union LeBron to be an independent, non-profit, and will not enjoy Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook any the authority to vote more than any other company in the Union.

However, the obligation of the customer for the purchase (Calibra) says the following: the game the teams Facebook a major role in creating the Union of the Libra networks Libra wear your chi in collaboration with the founding members of the others, while the final decision-making authority rests with the Union, it is expected that you maintain a Facebook leadership role through 2019, enjoying Facebook and its affiliates – after the launch of the network of Libres – obligations and privileges of the Financial the same as that enjoyed by any member of another founder, as a member of one among many, it will be the role of Facebook in the management of the union is equal to the role of their counterparts.

Play Facebook a similar role in relation to the currency LeBron the same, may benefit the company itself from the issue of the marketing of LeBron, as it does not indicate the job site to Facebook, it has a different brand on Facebook and tags affiliate business, but helps engineers Facebook heavily in the code source open-source used to create the are thefor encrypted.

2 – How to make sure the non-arrival of Facebook to the information shared with the Calibra:

Confirm Facebook on security LeBron, based on the type of technology to block Chi, in addition to (Calibra) as a subsidiary, which must ensure that its organization and financial data is kept separate from Facebook.

Identifies data Facebook the Press that, except for the “limited cases”, the (Calibra) you will not see your account information or financial data with Facebook or any third party without the consent of the client, and examples include the limited cases in which the participation data, suspected criminal activity; or fraudulent.

Despite these attempts to reassure users of the LeBron potential, but that the problem of privacy is still stuck in the minds of the users, given the problems of privacy on Facebook over the past two years, including the scandal of the Cambridge Water (Cambridge Analytica).

3 – How to get LeBron to up and download PEOPLE real money to work encrypted:

We can expect to see exchanges cash and transfer the real money to coin LeBron based on portfolio care digital, it may seem like going to the grocery store or a small store and add credit to LeBron to your account – similar to a his bundle of the mobile phone “pay-as-you-use” – but the question still remains what is the size of these transfers and exchanges exactly, and if there are any restrictions on exchanges, cash remittances, and what are the types of stores that would be willing to participate with LeBron, which is yet to be announced.

4. are there any conditions concerning the minimum age of the participants:

Can’t the users of Facebook use the payments from one person to another in the Messenger only if age 18 years at least, there was no information yet about whether LeBron will have a minimum age of the user, despite the fact that the position of the currency on the site says that users will need to the ID issued by the government for registration.

5 – how different the care about the payment service the current on Facebook:

No longer care as a company, Facebook is able to manage transactions, LeBron, along with important the launch of a digital wallet WhatsApp user, and as an application independent, I have my Facebook already service payments number of launches within Messenger in 2015, the service allows users to – in a similar venture (Venmo) – link to PayPal account (PayPal) or debit card to their account and then send or request money from friends.

And reports show agency Bloomberg that revenues of Facebook Payments Services constitute less than 2 percent of total sales by 2018, it is not clear if Facebook plans to integrate wallet care digital with its existing system of payments, given that they will be held within the messenger.

6 – Why do you call the currency the name of LeBron:

Not placed Facebook what makes LeBron a good name for the encrypted new, so we moved to the astrology to gain some insight, the organization said Alice Bell Alice Bell: Libra or Libra is the sign of partnership and maintain peace and balance in close relationships, in business and friendship, as indicated in the Code field to the relations and balance, andcan be appropriate to the question of the exchange of money between two people, and thought, isn’t that the field is an appropriate relationship for the encrypted.

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