6 technology trends that may result through 2019

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6 اتجاهات تكنولوجية قد تنجح خلال عام 2019

Being both a general assessment of the technology trends to come, but many of them don’t require never, as we enter a new year, a lot of people in the tech world are wondering about what the technology trends that will happen this year, with many of the themes that were hammered in the recent times, we try the following report, take a look at a number of technological trends, which might cause a storm in the tech world or fail and are forgotten quickly.

1. Version 5G

Is 5G one of the techniques portable that is talking about people in the industry continuously, the only drawback is that you will need a new phone to take advantage of them, and with the recent announcements from Apple and Samsung to profit less than analysts ‘ expectations, it is clear that people don’t want to get the phones to these companies at the present time, but in spite of that, you will continue to ask the fifth-generation networks throughout the United States and other places of the world, with the assertion that the political turmoil around the partial closure of the U.S. government would complicate things, According to the Federal Communications Commission is one of the relevant agencies closure of the government.

2. Smart home

Are smart homes one of the sectors of consumer technology’s fastest growing automation technology, starting from the speakers smart home to control devices in smart thermostats to smart light bulbs, so you can live a fictional life through the shift to digital assistants such as the Alexa or Siri and lighting the lights without lifting your finger, but there are concerns about security, where was the criticism of a lot of connected devices, including smart home devices, because of security issues.

3. A backlash against big tech companies

The form of the issue of increased pressure on major technology companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, one of the important themes through the year 2018, where Facebook was criticized because of its role in bringing about change in the American election through the help of hackers Russians, while Amazon’s criticism on the poor working conditions in its warehouses, while Google revolutionized by its employees in relation to the plans-issued censored version of its search engine in China.

It seems that internet companies represented in the Twenty-First Century What represented the railroads in the nineteenth century, where it technologies are indispensable in the re-formation of the economy, but it is accused to exercise the dominance of the monopoly, as is the case with railroads in the nineteenth century, there are growing calls to clean tech companies.

4. Interactive TV

Ask the company Netflix at the end of 2018, an ambitious project as part of the show Black Mirror, which is an interactive movie that carries the name of Bandersnatch, which is set in 1984 when trying to programmer a young man creating a game computer, and explore the story threads through a series of choices made by the viewer, similar to the book series “choose your own adventure”, was the reaction of the audience and critics excited, where they were to cite a movie Bandersnatch as in interactive movies, has been trying to the concept of interactive movies to the viewers within a service Netflix in order to see the largest possible number of endings.

There is pressure on the company to constantly innovate, it has remembered the people contemporary to the flourishing of multimedia in the early nineties bad memories about interactive movies offered by the software companies on the form of a CD, CD-ROM, and compete Netflix with video games, where she said that her main rival is the need of its customers for growth, while makers of video games to create new scenarios easily keep players entertained, the perception of the safety of the new TV takes up more time and money, and may know Netflix more interactive movies than us makes a Bandersnatch a one-time event, but turns it into a real trend.

5. Virtual reality

Usually virtual reality to emerge during this decade as it failed to take off for the first time in the nineties, and virtual reality glasses one of the most accessories for games that have been talked about, and everyone seems to want to put up applications of virtual reality, but the only problem is that virtual reality devices are still expensive, so Prices Must Fall, otherwise the A lot of ordinary people won’t buy glasses computers needed to run virtual reality applications.

6. Digital currencies are encrypted

Meeting the digital currency crypto like bitcoin a lot of attention in the technology and financial press of the nature of its decentralization with the book series “block Qi” of the group, and contributed to the operations of mining process of bitcoin in the increase in the prices of GPUs GPU to the upper limit in 2017, but the lack of support for the digital currency encrypted by central banks of government makes them vulnerable, and helped lower the value of bitcoin in late 2018 on the words of some observers, she’s going into the death spiral.

The bottom line

Impossible to predict the future, but we can make guesses based on current trends, anything can happen this year, so we have to pay attention to what is happening in the world of technology and check again next year to see if any of these trends have been successful.

The gate Arab News Technical 6 technology trends may arise through 2019

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