6 things to do before upgrading to iOS 13

Until the moment when the first beta version of iOS 13 will be available for download, is only a few weeks, so we decided to once again remind you what operations it is desirable (and necessary) to do before you install the update of the mobile operating system from Apple. After all, you’ll want to install the update: innovations promise a lot, including in terms of design, but with a public beta this can be done quite legally.

All excess in the trash

Certainly over the past year on your iOS devices has accumulated a sufficient number of unnecessary files. It can be anything, ranging from simple applications to some documents. And if you still do not have time/desire (select the appropriate option) remove them finally, now is the moment when you need to gather strength and to find the time or the desire.

Update over the air weighs, believe me, a lot, and therefore, especially if you have the version with 16 GB of memory, you may simply not have enough free space in the device and instead of then in a panic to remove everything, make sure in advance.

Backup is our friend, not our enemy

You probably 1,000 and one important file on the device that you would like to save. If so, it will be very disappointing at one point all of these files to lose if during the installation of the new version of the OS, something goes wrong.

That is why we strongly suggest you to backup all your data using iTunes or using iCloud. You can do this by going to “Settings” — iCloud “Storage & backup” — “Create backup copy”. Literally two clicks, which will help save thousands of nerve cells and important files.

A definite answer to the question “how best to do a backup?” no. On the one hand, faster iPhone will be restored via iTunes, but no one is immune from the errors (the program is not the most stable). Therefore, many people prefer to backup using iCloud.

Check the compatibility

In General, this should be done in the first place. And the official release will not have to wait — Apple says which iPhone you can install iOS 13, on the presentations during the WWDC (we will broadcast live, so that this information that you don’t miss). However, according to interlocutors familiar with Apple’s plans, the company plans to abandon support for not only iPhone 5s, but iPhone 6, 6 Plus and even iPhone SE.

To buy for updates iPhone Xs or Xr are not forced — you can pay attention towards the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, which receive 100% update to iOS 13. Cycle software support, iPhone has not been canceled, and now these smartphones are particularly popular (“Bang” not all happy). And the price of “seven” with “eight” attract more — there’s the iPhone 7 on a 32 GB SmartPrice is a total of 17 000 rubles. Service sells smartphones updated and is the official partner AppleInsider.ru. This aftermarket devices that are very different from available in the secondary market of gadgets: all smartphones are diagnostics in the service center, if necessary, made a small repair (only with original accessories), and even give a guarantee.

And memory cleaned do not have to update “over the air” precisely enough, even on albums with the holiday the place will be.

Don’t forget about nutrition

It is very important to charge your device. Perhaps for some it will sound strange or ridiculous, but it’s a fact. If your device is charged at least 50 %, on the new version you can forget and go on an exciting journey to the socket.

You have enough time, just enjoy rozetochku visit in time to June 3, when the first beta iOS 13 will be available, to be full of energy.

Update iTunes

If during the update something goes wrong, you have to restore your iPhone via iTunes. So be sure to check it for updates before connecting the device. To do this, open iTunes, go to the program menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Check for updates”.

Do not forget about the application

Keep up with the times: update your application because while installing the new iOS it will be reckoned to you a little plus sign. The fact that there is a possibility that some apps after upgrading to iOS beta 13 will be “naughty”, especially if they are not updated in a timely manner.

Therefore, update your application and you are well, and the developer even more.

What else should be prepared? Before installation, make sure that you have all the details in order to login to your Apple ID. If a long lifetime you have lost access to it, then it’s time to restore: on the Apple website that dedicated a whole iforgot-section.

One More Thing: beta profile!

To participate in the beta program for iOS, everyone can. It is enough to either have a developer account, which costs $ 100 per year, or register on the Apple website and get access to beta builds. However, the beta profile will “walk” the Network is already in the night from 3 to 4 June, so get ready to install it.

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