6 tips for choosing a social media platform appropriate for your business

When you begin to promote your business or your products on social media, it is important to think carefully about any platform of social media platforms can focus on them more to get the best results quickly, instead of wasting money and effort in promotion on all platforms, which in turn leads to mediocre results.

Before creating a marketing strategy on social media platforms, you must first define what is the goal of your primary business on social media platforms, for example, may seek to redirect visitors to your website, or visit museums, or build awareness for your brand. Once you understand your business goals, you can use the following points to determine what the most suitable product.

At the following are 6 tips to help in choosing the social media platform to promote your business:

1. focus on the platforms used by your audience:

6 نصائح لاختيار منصة التواصل الاجتماعي المناسبة لعملك

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Suggest Forsee Center Pew Research that to andFacebook of the most widely used among adults in the United States, and Twitter, and(Reddit) Reddit from home were the least used.

So it is important to focus your efforts in marketing on the platforms that are required by your target audience most of the time, for example: if you sell a product to people who are over the age of 65 years, you must don’t care about platforms like: Twitter, or (Reddit) Reddit because a small percentage of people in this age group are using those platforms. Alternatively; you can focus on the applications that they use primarily such as Facebook, and YouTube.

You can use the demographic data to choose the product most used by the target audience, or ask your current customers for the applications they use most often, or conduct a survey to collect this data from your website visitors.

2 – make sure the product’s compatibility with content:

Focus platforms such as: Instagram, and Pinterest on image content, while running YouTube on video content. If you produce mostly content text-based, this product is not suitable for you, because it depends on the visual content.

Unless you plan to add designers or photographers to the video team to create this content – or plan to learn how to do these things yourself – it will be better for you to focus on sites that focus on texts such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Reddit.

3 – where to focus your competitors their interest?

6 نصائح لاختيار منصة التواصل الاجتماعي المناسبة لعملك

If your competitors achieve remarkable success on a particular platform, you can also get good results from promoting on this platform. But if your competitors are ignoring other platforms, this may be a golden opportunity for you to take advantage of it.

You know, most companies pay accounts for social networking web sites, so it’s easy to collect data about the focus of where your competitors and their efforts, and it’s good to also visit their accounts and discover any platform not focusing their marketing efforts and start exploiting this opportunity.

4 – rate of access to natural for each platform:

Requires success on social media you have to have a suitable number of followers, and videos on YouTube and posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are indexed by Google, which means that people can discover this content through the search via Google.

In addition, the algorithms that use these platforms have a significant impact on the rate of the arrival of your publications to people who are following you. For example: conducted Facebook changed the algorithm in early 2018 to prioritize posts from friends and family, and as a result reduced natural access to the product significantly for many brands.

5 – advertising opportunities offered by each platform:

The low rate of natural access may not be an obstacle for you, if you are willing to spend money on advertising, since most of these platforms offer opportunities for advertising, some of which are more accurate than others.

For example: containing the platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or on data sets from the deep allows you to target your ads to a very specific audience.

6. avoid working on all platforms at the beginning:

6 نصائح لاختيار منصة التواصل الاجتماعي المناسبة لعملك

One of the errors committed by many companies when you start marketing via social media platforms is to try to create an account on every platform virtually absent, the problem is to keep updating the content on multiple accounts requires a lot of work, and can reflect the inactive accounts to see a negative for your business.

Is the best way to focus on one platform or two platforms – if you don’t have a team working on social media platforms – be have enough time to create new content and publish it consistently. Will this give you more time to increase the number of followers you on these platforms and interact with them more effectively.

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