6 tips to book cheap hotels location of airport

If you are looking for a hotel room or rental home for vacation short, will be the site of Booking.com is your first choice, where it was launched in 1996 to be among the oldest and best search engines to book rooms accommodations are different, and offer you today are several tips to provide some cash while using site.

1) affiliate program Genius Rewards

Booking.com's Genius Rewards Program

After booking for 5 different trips on the site, will update your membership to a member of Genius, which is the rewards program for travel, which allows 10% discount on partner hotels of the site and several other features.

2) Use free cancellation

Cancel a Booking at Booking.com

When you search for rooms available on the site, choose the rooms that allow to cancel the booking, it allows you to search later again and maybe find a better offer.

3) look to the feature matching prices

Use Price Matching

This feature allows you to reduce the price of the room in case I found it at a better price somewhere else, which is what you can do through the submission of the application site and wait a few days until you recover some of the cost of the room to cover the gap.

4) check the locations of the hotels to provide transportation

Booking.com - Map View

Usually the hotels furthest away from the tourist destinations the cheapest, but yet you’ll find that the difference sometimes is spent on transportation is different, so it may be better to choose a hotel closer to the face of your favorite.

5) Make sure that the dates proposed

Book on Flexible Dates

When you search for hotels for your next trip, look at the top of search results and you may find the yellow bar indicates that the price during your travel date you have chosen, may be higher than usual, the site says the nomination of several dates the last by the low prices.

6) use the Add Booking.com Power Tools

Booking.com - Save Your Filters

Usually say zat show prices are inclusive of all taxes, but sometimes you may find hidden costs won’t know only when you arrive, such as special taxes in the city itself and the like, and that is why you add Booking.com Power Tools for the browser Google Chrome detects price inclusive of all additional costs, make sure you installed and activated your browser before your next trip.

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