6 tips to help you improve network signal Wi-Fi

Become an internet connection via the wireless network in our current very necessary, but there are a lot of problems that we may face as a result of a weak signal Wi-Fi network such as: slow design, and the ability to watch video broadcast services, problems in connection of home appliances, surveillance cameras, and much more.

If you are experiencing a weak signal Wi-Fi network there are many tools that you can use to test the speed of the internet. There are also some tricks that you can try to troubleshoot the network troubleshooting.

Today we will consider some tips that will help you in improving the quality of the network signal Wi-Fi:

1. Update (firmware) the Firmware of the router:

Manufacturers for guidance to develop the firmware always with the aim of improving the performance of wireless network speed, so it is recommended to upgrade the firmware regularly, due to the multiple router manufacturers, the difficulty or ease of firmware upgrade for these devices depend heavily on the device manufacturer and the device model itself.

But fortunately, most routers current have update system built internally, all you have to do is move to the settings page, pressing button to upgrade the firmware.

2.Choose the optimal frequency in the router:

If you have a router that supports the feature (dual band) Dual-Band you can run my network (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi separate at the same time, at frequencies of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.

You can also switch to the 5 GHz band instead of 2.4 GHz which reduces interference with networks and other wireless devices because the frequency 5 GHz is less common, and thus get better performance, just go to the settings page of your router, and within the Department (dual band) Dual-Band you can activate the option (5GHZ).

3. Change the communication channel in the router:

All modern routers are devices multi-channel, but the router uses, of course, the default channel tuned from the factory, but when there is wireless network nearby using the same channel that you use in your Network then you will face the problem of congestion in the network.

To find out channels used in the adjacent networks, you can go to (command prompt) in your computer that is running Windows, then typing the command (netsh wlan show all), and press the button (Enter).

When you know what are the channels used in neighbouring networks you can choose to channel less crowded and share your router settings to manually to look on this channel, to improve the signal of your WiFi network, allowing you to get in touch wireless the best.

4. Quality management control:

Most modern routers come with tools quality of Service ” QoS ” to view data packets used by the applications, where you can specify the applications and programs that are not priority to bring a pack to big data as video calls or voice calls.

While specialized conversion programs a lower priority at specific times of the day although this will increase the time of the conversion process but it will ensure you improve network signal Wi-Fi for the rest of the applications.

You can find the settings for quality of service from the Advanced settings page in the router, as some routers may make it easy to provide multiple modes or settings for particular games and priority.

5. Add (antenna) of the router:

Containing many of the routers on the (antennas) Antennas built are usually multi-directional, but you can add an external antenna of the router is unidirectional, so that you can steer it to a place that weaken the signal significantly, which leads to improve the signal WiFi network at the desired point.

6. Expand the network:

If you have a large space and suffer from a weak signal Wi-Fi network, or in the case of thick walls prevent the signal from the access, it is recommended using a Device (Wireless Range Extender), which lets you expand the Wi-Fi network and its technology, as it doesn’t cost much, and is considered the best option is to buy one from the same manufacturer for your router.

You should also the machine should be placed in a place close enough to the router main pick up a good signal from it, and you should be close to areas with poor coverage until they are covered.

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