6 tools necessary to automate the management tasks in your new project

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6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

There is no doubt that the field of automation Automation has been expanding substantially over the recent period thanks to the technological progress witnessed by the world, consequently becoming the automation of management tasks in the companies is an essential part of the strategy of any company where you think we have a lot of departments such as financial management andHuman Resources Management , Marketing, Sales and other other divisions.

It can be for any company today to ensure arrival of the product or service to the customer as required only during the work on the automation of its work to become less expensive and takes less time and better quality and therefore more memorable, no doubt that it is not limited to large companies only, but is is important for startups and small enterprises, where they work to save a lot of time wasted in performing the manual tasks and reduce costs also.

The use of technology will help you simplify and streamline your project management through the elimination of steps is ineffective or unnecessary, and you have more time for planning and innovation.

Is Office Office 365 from company Microsoft and G Suite of company Google of the basic pillars in programs to increase productivity which is bound to be familiar with it, in addition to all the possibilities of integration with many services, is available for both Office 365 and G Suite a large number of plugins that can be easily added to help automate various tasks, if you don’t already use one of these tools to manage email, documents and calendar, you must think seriously in use of their.

Here are the necessary tools that you will need to automate tasks in your new project:

1- Office 365

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

A service that guarantees you always get the latest productivity tools from Microsoft, combining applications better support collaboration among team members such as Excel and Outlook with cloud services like OneDrive OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

2- G Suite

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

Offering you Google integrated package of programs that are compatible with computers, phones, and tablets to help you execute your business to the fullest.

This package includes applications work common Google including email Gmail Google Drive and Han has hangouts, calendar and Google Docs Google Docs

3- Kissflow

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

Depends Kissflow of the best project management software business and is used by more than 10000 companies, it gives you an unlimited number of apps to automate tasks where you can choose from over 45 pre-installed application in order to prepare the employee or leave requests or recording purchase orders and many others or you can create your own apps.

4- Calendly

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

Of the best free programs that will help you measure the task manager of your project, notably the automation of the scheduling and is extremely easy to use, works Calendly with your calendar for automatic adjustment of tension and help you connect with the better your contacts, with your current customers and potential customers.

You can distribute the meetings automatically on your team based on availability, or priority, integrates with Google Calendar or Outlook Outlook or Office 365 Calendar iCloud iCloud calendar so as not to repeat appointments at all.

5- Boomerang for Gmail

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

You can use the Boomerang girl Gmail automate everything relating to emails between the teams, or in respect of the customer, where it allows you to control the time to send emails and receive by scheduling your emails to be sent later, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the appropriate time, you only need to write messages in the usual way, then click on the Send button later, as work on the archive messages according to their importance.

6- MeisterTask

6 أدوات ضرورية لأتمتة إدارة المهام في مشروعك الجديد

One of the best tools to task management it helps to make task execution more flexible, the control panel MeisterTask customizable point great start in a productive work day, you can follow up on what has been achieved in your project during your absence, take a quick overview on your tasks ahead, determining what to focus on in that day.

All you have to do is create a project and then add as many of your team members, and then the task, and follow its implementation. You’ll find that the plates of the projects, flexible in MeisterTask fit in with your workflow.

Can be easily integrated with your favorite apps like Dropbox or GitHub or Zendesk or Box or Bitbucket or Google Drive.

The gate Arab News Technical 6 the tools necessary to automate the management tasks in your new project

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