6 trick to raise your win ratio in free on the phone

We talked before about adjusting your phone’s settings to enjoy the games in general, and Today past few weeks on the launch of the forest for Android, we offer tips that may be a reason to live a longer life in the forest and maybe win by one.

1) notice the signals that appear around you

It may be awkward to turn the sound on high in some public places means not able to discover treasures when you touch them or ban other players, so I added a epic James visual signals appear around the person that’s playing out to determine the presence of a player near you or shooting you or having any spare ammunition and weapons lying on the ground, as you can see the video above.

2) strengthened masonry panels

May be construction in the forest is difficult, but possible to master quickly on phones also as shown in the video, in each case whether on phones or computers should promote peace panels horizontal (floor) panels vertical (wall), and without these panels can the enemy that drops you and then kill you once you smash the ladder, open the patience and you’re safe even better if I took the time to learn the rapid construction.

3) delivery and training as much as possible

Although there is help to achieve the aim the phones, try to whenever possible the registration and polling more than the opponent unless you’re carrying a sniper rifle, the less accurate and powerful shot from too far away, especially if the enemy is moving.

4) towards down a little.

You may not need to focus a lot during shooting when playing on the computer, especially in the dockings nearby, other than the phone, so if I decided to shoot after you’re on the phone, try to keep the sight around the lower body of the enemy after the first shots; will increase the power after the first shots that makes the crosshairs of the rest of the shots after the head was released, the enemy, despite the milk down.

5) Remember the llama

If you play on the brows, then met a llama that you find scattered on the map randomly and the weapons great momentum and tools, and by the way, is present in the phones too, but it’s easy to forget about it because it is non-regular.

6) close the automatic capture

You’ll find that the automatic capture of weapons and tools activated in default mode on phones, this makes you pick up a power pass through them only, that may be useful for beginners, but may be standard after that, and perhaps find yourself carrying 5 weapons of the same type,. From the settings you can close the automatic capture, then you must click after that to protect power as you can re-arrange the weapons and replace them by buttons to the left of the health bar.

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