6 tricks secrets not many people know about the WhatsApp

The application WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging apps rapid in the world, and that’s why they are adding updates to the system fact the father of periodically, in response to the views and wishes of the users to solve problems that appear after every update. Despite the appearance of some defects of the software coming in stages after the updates, but the application WhatsApp is still tops the throne of the times the download from the Play Store Play store or the iTunes iTunes.

Most of the users of WhatsApp do not know much about its hidden potential in the Messaging and to distinguish the messages, and therefore will be our topic today is about months 6 secrets of dealing with the fact the Father

1 – add effects to the text sender

Sure, you might have to deal with one of the programs devoted to the analysis of texts, of the most tools used by the Script Editor are the effects of dark text, add water, or the line which passes through the bottom of the text or in the middle. If you need to get the text thick and dark, just put the text of the sender between my relationship with the star * when the beginning of the sentence and its end.

If you wish to make the text sender, text, tilted, set out the text of the sender between my relationship to the company’s bottom Under score _.

In case you want to the text make it a plan, put everyone sent between my relationship with the company winding ~ then sent a text to the Messaging.

2 – Automatic conversion of media files

If you are familiar with the use of your phone’s data to browse the internet 3G/4G Data Internet Connection , of course, you’re facing a big problem in the excessive use of private data and if I activated my internet Pack. You should therefore be restricted to messages received on the texts and notifications only indicate that your device is connected to one of networks the WIFI where download media files “pics, video…etc” is optional and acceptable. To disable automatic download of Enter to the settings of WhatsApp and then open the “use Phone Data and file storage”. Uncheck a property down the file types automatically so you will be able to download the file only after you click on it to start the download for the desired.

3 – voice calls

The most important characteristic of any application of instant messaging for instance is to do one for voice calls or video without the other. It is known that the use of phone data in purposes other Messaging script to consume as much of your phone’s data. And here appeared the importance of the tricks of the current reduce the consumption of data during the voice communication or Visual. Is activated water that Enter to the Settings menu status on WhatsApp, then open the data storage, from where it is activated to reduce the amount of data phone calls.

4 – statistical data Web

After your follow-up data consumed by your device daily, may like of the quantum, which is used by applications that are running to the internet whereas there is no clear evidence or the use of explicit justification of this consumption. Application WhatsApp you can track every feature within the app and how much data they consume while operating. For example, as can feature for voice calls? Also can you share pictures? Thus. To use this feature open the Settings menu including the use of data-storage, and use of the network. Time you will see the report of the special consumption all feature in addition to what is consumed by the application in case it is connected with Google Drive during the update the status of the account.

5. statistics of storage

Here you can learn how the space occupied by the application WhatsApp is all media files related to each contact. To review this feature, open the Settings menu of the application alwats August, including open the “storage-use data storage”. Will display the installation user for each contact and statistics relating to the number of messages, media files, or ordinary files. Time is up to you it’s either keep all of the above or delete it from your device.

6. reports of chat logs

Can develop fact a father keep a copy of your conversations with contacts in the case of account linking WhatsApp to one of the accounts used in cloud storage service. Fitch lifted a copy of the conversations periodically on your account maybe you need it someday. If you wish to send a conversation to a contact, WhatsApp gives you the feature to send reports and talks email.

This is done as follows:

Open the Settings Application WhatsApp, open the chat log, and then activate the option “send chat by email”.Will open you a window to all the contacts that contain conversations, select the desired account to send the chat log to its own to begin the process of preparation for dispatch. Shows test to confirm to send a text file the conversation to the days required, and do you have any desire to send the conversation is embedded in the photos and emoji, or you don’t need to send just the text. After completing the previous steps will be done to a text file TXT contains the conversation will be sent to the email required.

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