6 ways to fix the problem of non connection of your phone Wi-Fi


Connection problems Wi-Fi is frustrating and highly annoying, and it usually happens at the worst possible time which is when you need to check something online or write important letter to someone. If you are having problems connecting your smartphone with Android to a Wi-Fi network, then you are not alone. This is a common problem, unfortunately, where a lot of users from time to time that it.

In this topic we will look at six ways may lead to the solution of the problem of your contact and re-contact you on the internet if your phone connects to a Wi-Fi network.

Check the connection settings

The first step if your phone connects to a Wi-Fi network is an obvious step: you should check to see if the Wi-Fi on your Android device running.

Maybe you forgot to turn it on or you turn it off by mistake. This happens, and luckily this is an easy solution. Just drag the top bar of the phone and verify that the enable Wi-Fi alternatively you can also open the settings menu and check the wireless connection and (it is possible to be with the global else on your device) to see if everything is as it should be or not.

Setup the other to be verified is the airplane mode. When you run it, it gives Wi-Fi with other things, so you can’t connect to the internet. You can also find this setting in the menu wireless and network. If Airplane Mode is off and Wi-Fi is turned on but still not have a connection, you must move to the second solution in this list.

Check out the network name and password when it is not your phone connects to a Wi-Fi

May be caused by a problem in communication is that you’re trying to connect to the network error. This can happen sometimes, especially if your neighbors to the same internet service provider, therefore the names of a similar network in some cases. Be sure to check the what allows your network by looking at the back or bottom of your router. You will see a little sticker that contains the information you need.

If you have discovered that you are already trying to contact the company to correct, the next step is to check the password twice. You’ll find this information in the same label as the name of the network. Re-enter the password for the company that is trying to contact her and see if she will solve your problem or not. Just keep in mind that the password is very sensitive, which means that you must be entered in uppercase or lowercase letters as your password.

Restart your router and smartphone

It could be the router responsible for the communication problems you have, not your smart phone. This happens all the time and it’s easy to fix it in most cases. You only need to disconnect the router from the power generator and wait for at least 30 seconds before connecting it again. After that, you have to wait for a minute or two until you restart the router. Once you set it up just try to call the police again to see if things work as they should now.

If you don’t fit it, you must also restart your device. Sometimes you can solve a lot of problems relating to smart phones and it takes to do less than a minute. Just press and hold the power button and select Restart option and wait for the device again, then check to see if the problem still persist.

Work Forget to the company Wi-Fi network and re-connect

Work Forget to the company and then re-connect is the next solution which may solve your problem. To do this open the settings menu, look for the Wi-Fi option, then select your Network. A window will appear on your screen with some information that also contain a button ” Forget”. You can see how this looks in the image above.

Click on it and then re-connect to the same network your password. As we mentioned earlier.

Perform a factory reset

Maybe this solution isn’t a wonderful solution and easy, but if you don’t work reforms described above it certainly is worth giving it a chance to see if you will it or not. This will perform a factory reset to get rid of any bugs on your device may cause problems in communication you have. Not hard to do and takes a lot of time. However this will wipe all data (Photos, apps, documents ..) from your device, so make sure you backed up first.

The easiest way to implement the factory reset is in the settings. You only need to open the settings and find the menu “backup and reset”, which may be called slightly different on your device. Click on it and select the option to factory reset, and wipe data from your device.

As soon as you restart your smartphone will have to follow the setup process again, just as it did when you first use it. Once you are done turn on Wi-Fi and select your Network and try the connection by entering a password. We hope to have everything working now and you are able to connect to the internet without a problem.

Repair your phone or router

If that doesn’t work any of the solutions described above, the problem is as simple as it is available. There are likely to be a problem in the device, whether a smartphone or the router.

The best thing you can do is try to connect the device to at least one other Wi-Fi network that is causing you the problem. If you need to contact also, there’s a good chance an error in your router. Unfortunately this happens quite often but fortunately it is not difficult to solve. You only need to contact your internet service provider, explain the problem, and that someone comes to your house to replace the router broken with a new device and set it up.

However, if other devices connect to the network and be able to your device from the delivery, the problem may be in your smart phone. Where there are cases when it does not work some routers with certain devices, in this case the replacement router Last different a better solution.

And you can test it by trying to connect your device to a Wi-Fi different in your friend’s house or a restaurant, for example. If you can’t get a connection, it’s likely that your smart phone is a problem, which means that you must fix it. If it is still under warranty or if you have insurance on the phone. Other than that, you will have to just pay to get fix your phone, unless you want to rely on the mobile network to access the internet.

The following are some solutions that we hope will help you in solving the problem of the Wi-Fi connection that you experience when you don’t your phone connects to a Wi-Fi network, so you can connect to the internet and Follow share videos you like so much. If you think we have sinned, then tell us in the comments. Feel free also to share any of the above solutions is a solution that suits you.


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