6 ways to help businesses use video to professionally increase sales

Helped develop internet speeds during the recent period the increasing popularity of video content, where he became one of the elements most effective in strategies of digital marketing, he is working to attract a greater number of potential customers, which helps to increase movement and sales.

People find videos more attractive, as they don’t forget easily, where reports indicate that viewers need 95% of the message when viewed in a video clip, compared to 10% when reading it in text, and that 53% of consumers interact with a brand after watching a video clip on social media.

Accordingly, the video is no longer now an option, but has become a necessity, as is a great way to connect ideas to knowledge, and to educate viewers about the mechanism of action of a product, or a particular service, humanize your brand, and much more.

At the following are 6 ways to help companies use video professionally to increase sales:

1. create videos to explain:

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(Videos of the Company) Explainer Videos are short video clips – often ranging in length from a minute to two minutes – and comes in many forms, ranging from traditional animation, through drawings, holographic, and even a live broadcast, etc.

Arrange these videos to explain a business idea in a simple way and attractive and compelling, using clear and concise language, the sound attracts the attention of the viewer quickly, and explains what is provided by the company in general, and how they can help the customer solve their problem, and why is this product or service the best choice on the market, helping you build brand awareness.

2. Use customer testimonials:

Intends to register reviews or customer testimonials as videos are an excellent way to build your brand’s credibility, as usually hoped for potential customers to know what it means to use your products or what they expect as customers, and therefore think listening to it directly from an an ideal choice.

So make sure to communicate with your best customers to see if they are willing to buy their experience with your company or your brand in front of the camera, it is important to provide them a list of 4 to 5 questions they can answer them.

3 – action videos explaining the company:

Another good way to incorporate video clips in strategic marketing; is the production of videos explaining the company which could include: interviews with staff, or managers, and leaders, or screenshots on how to manufacture products, or how to provide services, or customer experiences.

Best to do these types of videos in partnership with a photographer with, where it’s going to require a lot of preparation, and the use of effects.

4. take advantage of company events:

If you are looking for a less formal way to incorporate video in the marketing strategy of your own, the video clips and special events company is a good option to humanize your brand, and invite potential customers to your culture.

While many companies tend to follow a disorganized approach to these types of video clips, still you have the option to hire the videographer of the content to participate in the conference or party of the following to get videos with high quality you can watch it on all platforms.

5 – Create content can watch it without sound:

According to Facebook, it displays up to 85% of the content of the video without any sound, where allowed video can be accommodated without sound for viewers to follow-up without interrupting their activities or discomfort around them.

May be to create video content without audio is difficult when the dialogue is an important aspect of your video messages. But add textual descriptions in the video will make the viewers understand him and feel him with their friends without having to voice.

6. answer common questions:

If you don’t have the budget or resources to create professional video with animated graphics, you can still create high-quality videos to answer common questions, which are a great option to start creating videos quick and helpful.

Select the duration of these videos from a minute to two minutes max and get only one question at a time. Once you have a few video clips of about 5 videos or so, create a page in the website to view these clips. In this way, customers can watch multiple videos if they have several questions.

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