60 million dinars invested the Orangemen Jordan, in the network of fiber

He said the president executive board for Orange Jordan site Marina to Executive company elmasray company for investment during the preceding years hundreds of millions of dinars to strengthen its infrastructure and develop its networks the next generation, with the domestic market of telecommunications services and the internet with high quality and levels of the world, pointing out that this approach strengthened its leading role in the telecommunications sector and Information Technology.
He stressed during a press conference held today in the presence of Minister of communications and Information Technology engineer two formats and chairman of the board of management of the Telecom Group Jordan/ Orange Jordan Dr. Shabib Amari, keen Orange Jordan on the harmonization between the requirements of daily life and modern technologies used in the world, has allocated $ 60 million dinars for investment in the network of fibre-optic cable (Viber) own during the last three years, also expanded the coverage of these youth to equip approximately 300 thousand building to serve Viper in record time.
He said that Orange Jordan aims to double the network coverage until the year 2020, emphasizing that the continuous improvements provided by the company in all its services are in line with the digital revolution occurring in the world, which will create new needs in terms of speed, pointing out that the company was the first to offer a wired internet, then the launch of ADSL, which is the first to introduce 4G+ that was followed by the launch of the project of optical fiber for home and business (FTTH) (FTTB).
He explained to Marina that Orange Jordan will benefit from the experience of the group, Orange Global, which owns a team of 8 thousand full-time staff member research and innovation, making the group a global leader in the field of fibre technology, pointing out that the group has more than two million subscribers in France, more than 29 million households connected in Europe, which reinforces the belief that the optimal solution of the digital revolution lies in the network of fiber, which will make Jordan a major center of communications and Information Technology Services in the region.
And the executive director of Information Technology and sales floor (Friday) at Orange Jordan, Waleed dollars, for the expansion of the fiber-optic network in the kingdom, saying that the company has 177 a dedicated team in this area worked on the extension of the 11 thousand km from the cadres of the Viper, adding to the network of fiber currently exist that connect the sites with each other and serving business solutions to a length of 7 thousand km, indicating that the company provide these services at a greater speed in the operations of the arrangement, participants services, and maintenance services upon the occurrence of any failures or interruptions in service.
And the role that he’s been building a network of fiber by using the latest technology and flexibly geographic full, to ensure greater spread of the service, as it was hosting all the network elements in data centers of major local and Global, where the company owns a data center master certified Tier III, pointing out that the company is expanding the network of fiber using the technology of “Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)”, which allows access from one point to multiple points at high speeds.
For its part, confirmed the executive director of marketing and customer services, and Naela Al-Dawood, that Orange Jordan is the first and only company which provides to its subscribers offers integrated and include a “Orange Fiber Box” with the feature of Wi-Fi superfast coverage advanced high efficiency, in addition to your extensive network of Wi-Fi which ensures faster internet experience with a maximum of quality and coverage.
Reviewed post service that accompanies the subscription Viber, which include unlimited local and international calls to 45 international destinations, service parental controls to block unwanted websites in particular for children, discounts فيSmartBuy, the best viewing experience for your TV with Netflix and a free subscription in today, also gave its subscribers the opportunity to enjoy games at full speed and within the current time of the game (Real time), without any interruption or delay, plus listen to millions of songs through our partner exclusive Anghami speeds similar up to 300 Mbps for both download and upload.
It congratulated Al-Dawood the winners of a competition Viper, which will continue until February 2019 and the chance to win prizes including TVs Samsung Smart PlayStation 4 with FIFA 18, the and home theater.



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