7 Add-ons to the Chrome browser makes it easy to implement work tasks

Features Google Chrome browser as fast and the possibility of customization according to your needs, thanks to the thousands of (add-ons) Extensions, free available in the Chrome Web Store, which you can install in your browser to get the maximum benefit from your browsing experience.

Here are 7 Add-ons for Google’s Chrome browser to facilitate the implementation of the work tasks:

1- +Hover Zoom:

Allows you to add +Hover Zoom enlarge images and videos in the websites, by passing the mouse pointer over them will add to zoom automatically to the full size, and they work pretty well on sites that know a lot of thumbnails like: Reddit.

Support addition formats animated images like: GIF وGIFV, as it allows you to scroll through the list of photos in site Imgur without open the website.

2 – Panic Button:

After you install the add Panic Button you’ll see a button in the toolbar of the Google Chrome browser you can hide all open tabs so when you click on it, where it saves your tabs as bookmarks temporary easy retrieval, as you can tie it in a nutshell through the buttons of the keyboard to call faster.

3. The Mercury Reader:

The addition of the Mercury Reader to remove ads and the sources placed in the Web page, leaving only text and images to get the reading experience is clear and consistent at each site, it is also customizable, where you can adjust the font, text size, and switch between the dark and light.

You can also send web pages to your accounts in the networking sites, e-mail, or to your Kindle to read later, and add also sync pages automatically via computers and smartphones, as well as a feature to print the pages directly from the browser Google Chrome.

4 – Feedly:

Add continued for months tools to read RSS feeds across the web, it has also added another called Feedly Mini to appear at the bottom of the left side in the web pages, allowing you to add new differences easily or save pages to read them later.

5 – Adblock Plus:

Think add Adblock Plus one of more tools for blocking ads common, and is customizable to perform certain actions such as: prevent pop-up windows, and turn off the tracking, it also supports add direct ads accepted (AA).

A project to support websites that rely on advertising revenues, taking into account the experience of the to provide comfortable browsing experience to the users, so you can turn them off in locations that provide them constantly and put them in (whitelisting) Whitelisting.

6 – SimilarWeb:

Add SimilarWeb specifically for web designers, marketers, and content, as it allows them to see the number of monthly visits to the web sites, in addition to providing a range of data analytical values that will help them in making important decisions, and make comparisons quickly.

7 – Boomerang :

Lets add Boomerang to the users email (Gmail) Gmail schedule send messages, so if you’re dealing with people in different time zones you can adjust the message to reach them during working hours, it also includes service reminders, which is useful if you are waiting for a response on a certain message.

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