7 amazing facts about the technology giant Bill Gates

His wealth which is approximately 90 million dollars achievements with Microsoft and outside know a lot of people in the world Bill Gates. Born gates in Seattle in 1956 to study law, but he left Harvard University to meet his future wife Melinda, is involved in founding Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. In this article some facts that you probably didn’t know about Bill Gates.

I got a high score in the entrance examinations of the University

Definitely have to see some motivational phrases which have content that gates was not successful in his studies when he left college, but what you don’t know is that the gates on the score SAT high when they qualify for university where he got a 1590 out of 1600 is a very high degree.

Designed the first programs at the age of 13.

He joined gates as one of the junior high school in Seattle, where he met Paul Allen, who became his friend and founded Microsoft with him later. When was gates in junior high school and specifically in the age of 13, wrote his first program which was a game of Tic-Tac-Toe simple plays her two.

The first company to get Allen wasn’t Microsoft

It was convenient traf-O-Data, founded by gates and his friend semester, Allen is the first partnership between the students who have become friends very quickly because of the interest in joint programming. Designed two friendly program to measure and analyze the data highways of Washington State, to implement the partnership, after the establishment of the Allen and set up the gates start to study law at Harvard.

Been arrested twice.

In 1975, when he was at the age of 19, was arrested Glen gates during his command of the car Porsche 911 own leadership without a driver’s license, this was not the first and last of which are caught on the gates, introduced has been arrested again for breaking rules of traffic and driving without a license also.

His wife used to work don’t

The work of Melinda Gates of Microsoft was the reason for her marriage, in 1986 after graduating from Duke University she was accepted to work in the company of small-time Microsoft. Having met the gates for the first time in one of the interviews in New York asked her in the yard waiting for the car to go out with her to begin with relationship.

Became gates, the youngest billionaire in the world someday.

When he was age 31, in 1987, gates, youngest billionaire in the world to achieve wealth one billion dollars. As in 1995 and specifically in the month of July bringing the gates the richest man in the world for the first time with a fortune of $ 12.9 million. Since the time of the gates the first position in the list of the richest in the world a number of times, out of which issued the list in March of 2017.

Of the most important habits for washing the dishes help

Said gates in 2014 that habit of his evening is to wash the dishes not clean his house daily and find it fun, although there are of contained work by others in the region. Also said that gates previously it says reading for about 60 minutes before bedtime and it is essential to feeling sleepy.

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