7 Android features, which you will use

Recently we reported you about some of the features that will make work on the operating system Android easier and more pleasant. Today we have prepared for you some of the tips by which you can more comfortably use all the advantages of Google’s OS. Some of them are not very obvious about their existence, you could not even guess. To install anything not necessary. All of the functions work, that is, out of the box.

It is worth to mention that some features may not be available for older versions of OSes. But if you are running the latest Android Pie — all right. Each of the following life hacks you can use.

1. The split screen mode

A very obvious application of this function at a time, you can put two open applications. In addition, you can also easily interact with each of them and even transfer information from one to the other, which is not only convenient, but also saves a lot of time.

2. Translation of the text with momoschyu Gboard

Most likely, you use your keyboard Gboard by default. But few people realize that it can translate a text without recourse to special services and programs. Simply open the menu above the keyboard or hold down the symbol G, and the interpreter will be available to you. After that when connected to the Internet everything you type will be translated into your chosen language.

3. To unpin an app on the screen

Strange, but in some cases, useful feature. Suppose your friend wants to borrow your phone to look something up on the Internet. You can pass on your smartphone, open browser, fixed on the screen. Browser (only) will be available until then, until you unlock the device. To enable and configure the feature, go to “Settings”, “Security and location”, “screen Pinning”.

4. Fast work with Chrome tabs

There is a very interesting way to work with open tabs. You need only run your finger along the address bar and you will see all your tabs, and can open a new tab or close open.

5. Access application functionality without opening

Some applications have a context menu for more convenient interaction. For example, long press on the icon, Google Maps gives you the ability to create a route to your home or the place you noted on the map. The same operation with the icon “Contacts” allows you to immediately jump to adding a new contact.

6. Fast entry of numbers

Gboard does not show the line numbers as a full PC keyboard. To access them you need to press a special button, but this is not necessary. In the top row of letters you can see very small icons of numbers. Just hold down the appropriate letter, swipe up and it will turn into a figure. Yes, it will save you a second when typing messages, but if you frequently write to, this life hack will be very helpful.

7. Block ads in games

Ubiquitous advertising in games is terribly annoying. Many in order to fight it, transferred the phone in airplane mode. But it is not very convenient, because you can miss important call or message. So far more logical to limit the Internet traffic for the selected application. Access to the network will be closed for him, and therefore annoying advertisements you will see, while remaining connected.

Maybe you know some tricks when working with Android? Share with us in comments and in chat in Telegram.

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