7 application for iPhone is available for free for a limited time

Available some apps also for iPhone free during the days of the week and this is the best current offers:

1) Pocket Lists 1

The Application Designer of the lists of tasks only, where you can schedule some tasks for you on a daily basis and add different lists for trips or concerts or travel or books or shopping.

The original price of$ 5 – download the app

2) btw – puzzle maze

A puzzle game, the goal of the selection circuit the whole, the problem that you can’t pick some only when they are visible, so you must be used to switch the lighting to be visible.

The original price of$ 1 – Download the game

3) Your GPS Location Finder Pro

Helps to locate the corner of the vehicle with high accuracy using a GPS and a compass even if the car is parked with the multi levels.

The original price of$ 1 – Download the app

4) Active Voice : Speech-To-Text

If you don’t use many apps to convert speech to text, you can try this app which supports many languages including Arabic.

The original price of$ 10 – Download the app

5) Hazmat Hijinks

Of games puzzles, asking to wear protective suits to avoid chemical and fire during the journey to save the fox your friend.

The original price of 2$ – Download the game

6) business card scanner-sam pro

Choose the app scans business cards using camera and add as a contact, and currently supports 9 languages including English, French, German, and Arabic.

Original price 6$ – download the app

7) Text 2 Group Pro

Send messages and e-mails to a group of people at once, supports 15 languages including Arabic.

Original price$ 3 –to download the app

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