7 applications for sports and improve Fitness (Fitness)

7 تطبيقات مميزة لممارسة الرياضة وتحسين اللياقة البدنية (Fitness)

The smartphone, that little device that gives you more than you expect, it can be utilized in many areas, and that the benefit coming from the application that inside of him, which benefit from its resources and the Internet to give you the services Free of charge or cheaply.

Of those areas: health, sports and fitness, maintain your body in its best and your muscle periodically not to weaken and go, with your smartphone you don’t have to register at the sports centre, or that it can be used in training the specialist tells you to exercise in a manner that the performance or duration of each exercise, there are applications what provides this and more, you have only to put it in front of you and wait for his instructions, it’s as your demand which clog him whenever I want.

The day and the following lines, we will launch some Mobile Apps (Android and iPhone) and specialized in the field of fitness and aerobics, know some its advantages and strengths, they are us.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

This app is one of the tests the buyers in the market applications (Google Play) is from the applications, which gained a good fame and also the positive ratings are many, have been assessed by half a million users with an average of (4.8).

App as is clear from his name, turns you in to use in the performance of aerobic exercise for the whole month, every day you have to finish duties that you have, which will give it to you in detail, in the beginning you choose between do exercises for get the body, or focus on a specific area, then you choose the font (easy – medium – hard), and then start following the instructions.

Each exercise is explained in the beginning with the animated image caption, and a link to a video on YouTube explaining this exercise, and then begin and follow the exercises one after the other as what it says no app that is trying to flow in tough exercises with days.

Android app – application iPhone

Passion 4 Profession

Is a set of applications that focus on specific areas of the body, and they have the application combines exercises in a single frame, as that they have a channel on YouTube that specializes in physical fitness common where more than 2 million users and videos work as you default for the personal training, and through the application can reach the same content.

Featuring the mask that each training is displayed in front of you in a civilized manner, three-dimensional, you have only to watch and even expect depend you then follow the rest of the exercises and learn by watching.

Features of the app provide new content each month, there are challenges that can be done and plans to complete tracking for several weeks or for a specific period, and other nurses.

Apps Android – iPhone apps

(7 Minute Workout)

No different this app so much from the above, it is the characteristics of the former with the possibility of control at the time of each exercise and the time of recovery, which follows a strategy of seven minutes a day of exercise, you start in the circle used during the month and start to watch the exercises, then the direct application, or watch video of each exercise before you begin in order to understand it and absorb it.

The app won the admiration of the editors in the application market of Google, as it applications very popular and many in the market of applications Google Play

The application landed

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Share this app with the previous in the name, but there is a fundamental difference which is that this app allows to share achievements with friends and forge challenges with others, it is more like a social network small with friends of the App users the same.

The app offers several features for the motivation and encouragement to continue, and this is an important feature in this kind of applications, because many are looking but few snaps and, as this application is available for both systems, Android and the iPhone, has received high evaluation in the market of iPhone apps.

Android app – application iPhone

Home Workout

It is one of the apps that got downloads and reviews are high, it’s a number of users who submit the app in Google Play half a million, The average of the valuations obtained is (4.8)

The application displays the challenges depend on the duration, occur four weeks and 10 weeks …special features to provide the interface nice and tidy, and the design of the days and weeks differently from the rest, can define the training plan among the exhibits focus on certain areas or on the body of the whole, and you can also choose the level you then start training according to the instructions and guidelines.

Android app – application iPhone

Keep Trainer

What distinguishes this app is that there is the content of the stripper is added to periodically, the possibility of participation in any training program (schedule) the new income in the challenge, in fact the application contains more than 400 practice different cover most of the sections and species, the other feature is the presence of combined indoor share his achievements or any content that others can view them.

The app features the facade of the assembly, and to provide videos and clear method of work of more than 100 training by the expert professionals, it also provides good statistics by which to assess your progress in detail.

Android app – application iPhone

JEFIT Workout Tracker

This app offers a large database of various exercises, both those performed in the home without any tools or those that play in the gym across the Tools, Equipment ad hoc, there are a lot of models (plans) ready that can start out, which have been tried before, or you can detail the model or training plan of your own and what you want from the drills and exercises, and each exercise has on the company videos, so you don’t need to coach your own is your career towards the body healthy and strong.

The app offers service to create a personal page within their own site, through which or through the app you can follow your progress and stats to reflect your achievement.

Android app – application iPhone

That was a selection of useful applications in the field of fitness which help most to exercise, and there are a lot of similar apps which may not differ so much about it, not important to access the best applications, but the most important is the real benefit and start work using any of those apps and then access the results real.

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