7 apps and games Android paid becoming free temporarily (4)

Waiting in the store Google Play apps and games paid heavily funded, which makes its developer it free for a limited time, and we’ll show you dear follow tic Voight in this series group of them, so be on Near always !

Note: applications and games let the Opposition below will be available for free for a limited time, has become paid back if what I read in the late, also that the application developer may have to specify certain states have to offer.

1) Cleaner – Boost Mobile Pro

The Pro version of the famous app to improve the performance of the phone, has many advantages not present in the free version.

2) Hydro Coach PRO – Drink water

Is the app most efficient to remind you to drink water, so get rid of toxins and avoid many health problems.

Google Play

3) Gallery Vault Pro – hide photos hide videos

The paid version of the application hide files, photos, videos, and save them with a password or a certain style.

4) Selfie Camera Pro

The application of imaging characteristic, contains many filters and engines, to show the image in the nicest way possible.

Google Play

5) Shan Gui

Screenshot ImageAdhere to the girl Han Hui, a university student, a mysterious girl. in the mountains, and after this meeting, explain to the girls on a fun trip.

Google Play

6) Dungeon Defense

Screenshot Image

Defeat all the invaders to defend your place, by collecting more weapons to progress in the game.

7) CashKnight ( Combo Event Version )

Screenshot Image One of the best roleplaying games, collect gems to progress in the game, and you can choose your favorite character.

Google Play

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