7 apps free alternative for Skype in Windows

Depends the application (Skype) Skype from months apps video calls and the oldest, so it is likely that you use it for once at least, but there are many competitive alternatives that offer a large range of features, security level high as well.

Here are 7 free apps alternative for Skype in Windows:

1 – Google Hangouts:

Application is Google Hangouts a popular alternative for Skype as it offers most of the features provided by Skype application, like: text chat, or voice call, video calls, in addition to the possibility of making calls to mobile phones or regular ground through recharge.

If you have a lot of friends of non-users of Apple devices, this app this is a great option, but there is no for the official version for use in computers, Windows laptops or desktops, you will need to install the add – in Google Chrome browser.

2. Apply LINE:

The application provides LINE free video calls and voice calls and text messages for groups, and if you want to make your conversations more attractive, you can choose from thousands of animated stickers.

The application supports Line some of the media that are not supported by the Skype app where you can leave a voice message for someone for later, or send your location if necessary.

App also supports many strong features like: Feature ( LINE TODAY) that allows you to get the latest news about current events, sports, entertainment, andfeature (OpenChat) which is a space on the internet where you can meet new friends them your interests the same, and you with them news, information and fun.

3. Apply Tox:

Apply Tox is an open source application and therefore the security is the most prominent feature of this application, contains user interface easy and simple, and has two versions: qTox provides all the features, and uTOX designed for the average Windows specifications.

The app is free and displays no ads, and allows conversations and text and audio and video calls securely, as well as the possibility of screen sharing, and share files with no limits.

4. application Viber:

The application provides Viber all the standard features such as group chats, video calls, stickers, and lets you transfer calls to your phone, also supports a feature that allows (communities) Communities allows you to communicate with others if you don’t have any friends. the reporter their.

In addition to the games ROMs if you want to play with your friends, in order to use the application in a laptop or desktop, you must install the app in your phone first synchronize your account.

5 – application of the Discord:

Considers the application of the Discord appropriate fun games and a powerful alternative for Skype especially if you have a group of people you communicate with regularly, the app lets you join groups chat or certain communities or create communities of your own and invite your friends, make a chat script, join to the voice calls, and video calls.

6 – Jami:

The application displays Jami , formerly the Ring, a communication application is free and is open source, available for most versions of the Windows operating system, and does not contain ads, rate encrypts all communications, and text messaging, voice and video.

7 – apply ICQ:

The application supports ICQ encryption feature calls, chat in groups, in addition to converting voice messages to text get rid of them later, also supports the possibility to exchange files up to 4 GB.

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