7 Essential Tips for users of the Chrome browser on the iPhone

Many don’t uses the application Safari app will use Chrome instead. There is no doubt that the layout of Safari and Chrome are so different from each other. If you use a Chrome application here are some tips that rate it will make from using Chrome is much better than before.

7 نصائح أساسية لمستخدمي متصفح كروم على الآي-فون


Shows a toolbar application Chrome at the bottom in a vertical position in the upper part in the horizontal position. We’ll use the vertical position to purchase those tips.

Add web pages to the Reading List Reading list

Needs Chrome on the reading list in Safari lets you save web pages to read them later. To add a web page to the reading list, when the page is active, click on the share button in the address bar and then read later or Read later in the list to participate.

Lets Chrome also add web pages from other apps on the iPhone to the list of Read Chrome. To access the option to read later within another application, you must enable the Chrome in a share menu of the app. Once you make the desired change and determine the Chrome from the window of the joint you’ll see an option to read later Read Later.

We used to call Chrome the “show reader” such as the removal of chaos, cars, ads, and background images of the page to facilitate reading. But on the desktop you can add the tool to the “Reader View” for that property, so that you can change the text size, contrast and layout and night and in order to read better.

Switch the tabs, and pages, and more with gestures

Makes Chrome browser actions the most widely used series by means of gestures. You can switch between tabs by dragging on the title, right or left.

If you want to move to a particular tab, you’ll need to use a button to display the card or switch tabs hidden behind the figure icon in the toolbar. It includes the number shown in front of you to the number of open tabs.

To download the Web page, all you have to do is to pull or lift the page to the bottom and when the appearance of the reload button.

You will find next to the reload button button to add a new tab button and close the window. You can select them using the gesture by screwing it down and then move left or right before dropping the page.

Voice search

Certainly we all know about voice search in Chrome, but can not overlook her in memory of the basics. Of course, not working voice search even gives microphone access to chrome first through settings – Chrome.

Scan QR codes

Allows several applications in your phone to scan QR codes such as the application portfolio, application notes, and camera application, but works Chrome app to speed up this procedure a bit by using the scanner function of the QR code.

You will find a button to scan a QR code QR next to the search button audio or microphone above the keyboard when you click on the box to write the address. Although this method may not be the fastest, but try typing QR in the Spotlight will be scanning the QR code your Chrome as the top result.

Add quick actions and sites proposed in the widget

When you install Chrome, it brings some useful tools to the list widget on your phone under the section of my quick actions and sites proposed. Using Quick Actions, you can start a new search, in addition to running the function scan the QR code and voice search incognito.

To take advantage of those jobs, you will have an extra tool quick actions to the widget. In order to do so, go to widget – Edit – select Chrome quick actions and select Chrome sites proposed then was to add the widget to your application Chrome.

View open tabs on other devices

Open the Chrome app and then enter to switch tabs and drag to the right or left according to the phone language you’ll find tabs that you’ve closed recently, and the bottom of which you’ll find a list of tabs open on other devices.

To view the content of the second list, you will need to sign in to Chrome. The importance of this feature when you are away from your computer and you want quick access to the tabs you were working on this device. You can also click the “view entire record” to see a list of sites that you have visited.

Use shortcuts 3D Touch or prolonged pressure

If your phone supports touch-to-three-dimensional “iPhone 6s and the newer” except iPhone XR or prolonged pressure if not supported, you can access some important actions. It is through the 3D Touch you can press the switch tabs to get to a new tab or incognito or closing the tab.

And you can click on the sign search for quick access to scan the QR code and voice search or paste and match if you advance by a website address such as.

Also when prolonged pressure on the right or left arrow you can move to the tab that I visited recently. Try prolonged pressure on every button you see in front of you, it may be by the tests is useful and fast.

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Do you use the browser Chrome? And do you know another trick I didn’t mention it? Tell us in the comments.



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