7 Hidden Features in smart phones

Despite the proliferation of smartphones among all people, it is even now, some still unaware of the existence of the subtle features but it is available these modern devices, which can be exploited in order to get more comfortable while doing errands is different.

So explain subtle features of the mission in their smart phones even now.

Clone apps

For modern of Android, there is a list of options called “Clone Apps”, where the reproduction of any application by pressing a single button, which makes things easier for everyone who wants to access one site through more than one account.

Open two windows at one time

Very easily window can be opened at one time, so you can read any subject and have access to such as without overwork, which is a property available in the majority of smart phones.

The field

Your phone can be achieved simply balance the weight of any little thing, through a simple application, capable of knowing the weights of the small sizes very carefully.

Offline maps

Is the internet consumption of your phone, while traveling abroad, is very costly, in situation, don’t always know the ways and trends, which can be cured easily, by downloading maps offline, and then close the internet connection after that, and then use those maps without talking anything.

Safe Mode

No longer use the Safe Mode to “safe mode” is necessary during the processing of any errors or remove any applications inconsistent run with the leadership of the phone functions efficiently, which is the situation that you can access simply by pressing and hold on the power button.

Payment by mobile phone

Through the technology to communicate near-term, and vote smart phones, can be linked to payment card phones, what facilitates the process of paying the money a lot without having to carry cash or card payment even.


Can be through the camera phone to scan for anything effortlessly, just by applying custom therefore, it can be sent any information accurately, without having to rewrite it again.

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