7 Hidden Features in the operating system iOS 13

When you launch any new version of the operating system, the focus is usually about the salient features, particularly those offered by the company to its on the web, in the version of the operating system iOS 13 everyone is talking about dark mode Dark Mode, the new tools for editing images, and features of the new login which is based around privacy, keyboard, QuickPath based on gestures, maps, three-dimensional, in addition to the improvements HomeKit.

But in spite of all this, there are many features hidden that brought Apple to issue iOS New 13, such as: participation methods that have become smarter, and update apps, delete them, and the battery, and much more.

The following are the 7 Hidden Features in the operating system iOS 13:

1 – mode feature to reduce data consumption:

Feature works (mode to reduce data consumption) Low Data Mode in the iOS system 13 to reduce the consumption of data used by apps in the background, this includes: the photos are backed up on (iCloud) iCloud, and automatic updates for applications, and video playback is automatic, and it also makes connection to your network faster. You can activate this mode of cellular data networks, Wi-Fi.

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To activate the mode Low Data plan cellular data, follow the steps below:

  • Scroll to the settings menu on your iPhone your.
  • Click on the option (Cellular) Cellular.
  • Press the (options, data, Cellular) Cellular Data Options.
  • You’ll find among the options, Option (mode to reduce data consumption) Low Data Mode; activate it by pressing the scroll button next to it.

7 ميزات خفية في نظام التشغيل iOS 13

Steps to activate Mode Low Data Network Wi-Fi:

  • Scroll to the settings menu on the iPhone.
  • Click on the option (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your network connection that you want to activate the situation to them.
  • Press the button with the icon “i” next to the network name.
  • In the network settings screen, Wi-Fi, Run (mode to reduce data consumption) Low Data Mode by pressing the scroll button next to it.

7 ميزات خفية في نظام التشغيل iOS 13

2. activate Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in a faster manner:

This feature as long as requested by the users of the operating system (iOS) to enable connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center, instead of having to open the Settings app and several times.

With iOS 13, allowed Apple to finally offer networks or devices available via Bluetooth communication out without opening the settings.

3 – the lack of limits on the size of downloads:

In iOS version 12 there was a limit on the size of the downloads through cellular data plan where the limit is 200 MB, but now with iOS 13 choose those boundaries. Instead you will receive a notification tells you that you you download an item whose size is greater than 200 MB, allowing you to continue the download, or wait to download it later with Wi-Fi.

4. save a full page from the Safari browser:

The You iOS 13 a more intuitive way to take a screen shot inside the Safari browser, save the PDF files of the entire in-app Safari browser itself without the need of external applications.

  • After capturing a screen shot using the method appropriate for the iPhone, your click the screen shot when the thumbnail appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • You will see two tabs; first: (screen) Screen, and the second (full page) Full Page, click on the sign (the whole page).
  • Drag the slider to view the screenshot in full, you will also find all the tools of emphasis to add a comment on the page.
  • Click the plus icon to add an annotation on the screen with the text selected, or zoom, or highlight text in different colors.
  • After finished; click on the option (Save) Save, and select from among a variety of ways to share or save the file.

7 ميزات خفية في نظام التشغيل iOS 13

5. feature create Animoji within the Contacts app:

Lets you the iOS version 13 way fairly easy to create Animoji to anyone in your contact list or to yourself. When you edit a contact you can also create an image of that person or create animoji completely new.

This feature works with all of your existing contacts on your phone or any new contact, all you have to do is press the option (Edit) to Edit the image of the contact, and will save you at the bottom option Animoji where you can customize face with the hairstyles, colors glasses trendy headwear to create expressive face suitable for the contact.

6 – edit feature lists participate:

You can now in iOS system 13 editing applications or options that are displayed when you participate, and re-arrange them, just follow the following steps:

  • For suggestions, comments, scroll to the left until you find option (Edit) Edit up there, Press it.
  • You will see a list of all the existing applications on your phone which you can participate through her, ADD, or remove what you want, by clicking on the toggle button next to each application, for example: maybe you don’t want to watch anything in the Books app Apple TV, and here you can click on the green button next to the to become a grey colour and list out the applications of the joint.

7 ميزات خفية في نظام التشغيل iOS 13

7. use mouse for Bluetooth to your phone:

Enabled iOS system 13 control of the iPhone via wireless mouse related with via Bluetooth, and you can also customize shortcuts to specific tasks, such as: refer to the main screen, through the following steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth and pair the mouse with any other device, then go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the option (Accessibility) Accessibility.
  • Click on the option (touch) Touch, then activate the feature (multi-touch plugin) Assistive Touch.
  • Scroll down until you reach the (hardware cursor) Pointer Devices, Press the option (hardware) Devices.
  • Click on the option (Bluetooth Devices) Bluetooth Devices, then put the mouse in pairing mode and follow the rest of directions where you can customize how they work with the iPhone.

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