7 important settings that need to be change after buying a new smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is always an event. Especially if you have switched from one manufacturer to another gadgets. You will get often the new interface and new interesting features. Each smartphone has its own shell, to understand which is not easy. However, there are basic options that are worth paying attention to regardless of model.

Today we are not going to disassemble a particular model of device. We will talk about the points that need tweaking.

Deactivate sounds and vibration when using the touch screen

Vibration and sounds when pressing on the display, simulating the recoil from real buttons, can someone come to mind, but usually they only cause irritation. In addition, these “whistles” wasting precious battery life that’s just a waste in the modern world.

Go to “Settings” — “Sounds & vibration” — “Advanced” — “set sounds and vibration”. Next, disable these options.

Disable keyboard vibration when typing

You have turned off all feedback when you touch the screen, so why is the smartphone vibrates when you type? The fact that the keyboard has its own pool settings. To disable the vibration feedback here, proceed in the following way:

“Settings” — “System” — > “Language & input” — “Virtual keyboard”.
Note: On some devices (like Samsung phones), language and input can be found in the General control menu.

Configure AutoCorrect

Often the AutoCorrect interferes more than it helps. It’s great when your phone encourages the words to replace, but when he “decides for you” — this is too much. It’s time to end this!

Go to Settings — “Language and input” — “Virtual keyboard”

Select the keyboard you are using and its settings, locate the “perfect fix”, and inside it disable AutoCorrect so that the phone is still “tells” you, but not shown in writing.

Disable and uninstall all the preinstalled appsthat you don’t use

Some manufacturers load their devices branded app. However, you can never use these services or applications. And they “bit” both the venue and resources of the system and even traffic. Each application manufacturer will receive updates, and some may even run in the background without your knowledge. For getting rid of this mess you need :

Go to “Settings” — “Applications” and select from the list of those applications that you do not like and deal with them.

Set the animation on

Each smartphone its own little animation that plays when you turn on the device. Sometimes it is even accompanied by Jingles. Disable them if you don’t want to listen to the greeting in the style of “Hello Moto” on every startup.

Go to “Settings” — “Sounds”

Then, depending on the manufacturer, there are various options that you should disable.

Replace ringtones

When the first phones with polyphonic melodies, ringer choice of music was an extremely important decision. Now most of us don’t even pay attention to it, but there are a lot of customizable options if you don’t want to confuse your notifications with the notifications on my phone.

Go to “Settings” — “Sounds” and select the ringtone of your liking. Or download it from the Internet.

Set the Bluetooth work

Every time you buy a new device, you need to synchronize different gadgets, whether it be headphones, wireless speakers, wristband or smart watch. Even if you have migrated from another device, retaining all settings, it is recommended to pair devices again, since the transfer errors may occur.

To pair the devices, go to “Settings” — “Bluetooth”.

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