7 information revealed by the leaks about phones pixel 3

Know phones pixels 2 camera strong renewal of the Android possible thanks to being a host first for the system, but suffered from major problems in the screen you wish to check it out Google in phones pixel 3 of the new, what we know about her?

1) official announcement

Likely to pick up Google date the official announcement in October, where it announced the phones pixel of the original pixel 2 in the same month.

2) run the Android P

It’s also natural to be phones pixel 3 is the first phones which run the Android System P of the Fund, which will be characterized by a system of gestures as a substitute for the Navigation buttons in response to the iOS system.

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3) The design of the iPhone X

It has been revealed by leaks many pictures pixel 3 XL built screen which has become popular in Android phones, with Android version P supports the extrusion as well.

4) wireless charging support

Found the group of XDA-Developers are indications in the codes of the Android System P the demo on the wireless charging support, enhances the appearance of the image pixel 3 XL behind the glass.

5) Front Camera Dual

According to the leaked images also the protrusion of the pixel 3 XL will have Dual front camera and earpiece, the phone screen is large with small as the industry.

The rear camera, it seems to stay mono in the amendments.

6) pixel 3 will not differ much from his predecessor

Show the label of the pixel 3 a similar design to the pixel 2; interface similar Camera the background single glass upper part of the back.

7) copy the other

In the publication of the Code of Droid Life says she has something useful to launch 3 copies of the phones pixels this year, to be the second strongest of the 3 XL-to-be – powerful phones leading, meaning that its price will be close to 1,000$, since the pixel 2 XL got a price of 849$.

But the famous warrior Ivan spokesman said that Google has my phone pixels 3 and 3 XL only for this year.

While the reported site of the Economic Times that Google is developing a phone of the middle class has been launched this summer.

Finally, Please note that the information listed here is just to summarize what is mentioned in rumors and leaks so far, no confirmation of any of the information officially yet.

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