7 little-known facts about the feat of Yuri Gagarin

April 12, 1961 was a historic event — the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to walk in space. All have since school years we know, that the launch of the rocket “Vostok-1” was carried out from the cosmodrome “Baikonur”, but some facts about the first flight are still little known. Some of them have already been disclosed in our material in honor of the 85th anniversary of the great astronaut — for example, before the flight he wrote a farewell letter to his wife, and in the final stages of the flight was sure that the spacecraft is engulfed by fire. But what else is associated with the first flight?


On the first manned flight into space many books, and all the event was scheduled minute by minute. From all this information it is possible to highlight some facts that might make someone very surprised.

Before Yuri Gagarin visited the “Ivan”

There is a perception that before Gagarin into earth orbit was visited by another Soviet cosmonaut, the fate of which is unknown. Whether such or not is unknown, but significant day in earth orbit really had time to visit “Ivan” — the layout of a person, equipped with a variety of sensors. He made several passes around the Earth and gave a lot of useful information that was used in preparation for Gagarin’s flight.

Space flight has had a dramatic impact on the career of astronaut

When the great astronaut flew into space, he wore the rank of Lieutenant. You would think that after landing, he will be the captain, but everything went much better — two hours after touchdown, the defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky gave him the rank of major, skipping through the captain’s rank.

Gagarin took into space gun

Outfit of Yuri Gagarin, and later the other astronauts, was a Makarov Pistol. Of course, it was not designed to protect from the aliens — just an astronaut could land somewhere in the forest full of animals. What was the likelihood that while reach him support, he will have to defend against bears and other predators.

The mystery of the inscription “CCCP” on the helmet of the astronaut

In the original photos you can see that on Gagarin’s helmet bears the inscription “USSR”. About how she got over there, there are a lot of rumors. For example, in the book Soviet test pilot Mark Gallay “man on Board” says that it was done in 20 minutes before departure Gagarin on the launch pad. At the same time, employees of the enterprise “Zvezda” for the manufacture of space suits claim that the inscription was made in advance.

Instead of “Go!” could sound another phrase

According to the same Mark Gallay, under the Charter, the test pilots had to say the command “Crew, fly!”. However, many of them such formality was tired, and instead, Gagarin decided to produce a cheerful “let’s Go!” which is often heard during the preliminary training.

In honor of Gagarin was called a quarter of all newborn boys

In the 1960-ies the name of Yuri Gagarin was everywhere, and he became almost a symbol of bravery and courage. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the majority of newborn boys received the name Yuri — after April 12, 1961 in hospitals even rallies were held.

About Gagarin learned the whole planet

After his flight, Yuri Gagarin became the guest of honor in many countries around the world. During their visits, the astronaut managed to meet even the Queen of great Britain. There is a rumor that during the tea party Gagarin ate a lemon, what in England is considered bad manners, but the Queen supported the astronaut, and did the same thing.

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