7 major symptoms of cancer

Cancer is among the most dangerous diseases in the world. The probability to recover from the deadly disease depends on its stage — the sooner the disease is detected, the more likely completely to get rid of it. Unfortunately, many of its symptoms can be mistaken for simple ailments and to lose him early, so experts from the Cleveland clinic identified the 7 most common symptoms that you should pay attention and be examined by a doctor.


Today there are about 200 types of cancer. The most common are breast cancer, lung, prostate and bowel. Of course, depending on the type of symptoms may vary, but the researchers selected those characteristics that occur most often and are common.

7 common signs of cancer:

  1. Various disorders of the intestine and bladder;
  2. Non-healing wounds;
  3. Unusual bleeding or discharge;
  4. Lumpy thickening in the breast or elsewhere;
  5. Indigestion or difficulty swallowing;
  6. Obvious changes in wart or mole;
  7. Heavy cough and hoarseness.

Support cancer patients Macmillan recalled that these symptoms may be caused by something other than cancer, but still advises to look at the doctor.

If you’ve been to your doctor, but the symptoms persist, be sure to re-examination.

Statistics says that every year in the UK a terrible diagnosis 360 to thousands of people, but with the right approach, 4 of the 10 cases of the disease can be prevented. The researchers also shared six rules that reduce the risk of disease.

Rules for the prevention of cancer:

  • Stop Smoking;
  • To maintain the optimum body weight;
  • To reduce the consumption of alcohol;
  • Use sunblock cream;
  • To maintain an active lifestyle;
  • Stick to a healthy balanced diet.

Unfortunately, there are cases where a terrible disease has returned even after a successful cure. Scientists are struggling to create a remedy for relapse, and in December 2018 even developed a special spray. It is reported that it stimulates the immune system and reduces the risk of recurrence.

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