7 people helping to change the way people interact with technology

A lot of people have not yet realized the extent of the speed and depth of the digital revolution the current, or how fast the disappearance of old techniques, and don’t realize that the future is approaching more quickly than we think, at the present time; there are all the elements needed to change the face of technology, products, institutions, and entrepreneurship, just the next few years.

The pursuit of innovation is no longer just to create the tools faster and smaller, especially in the face of society’s many challenges, starting from climate change, and demand equality between the sexes, and the end to the circulation of many industries and fields, so seek to today’s generation of tech leaders to develop their skills, and try to make a greater impact in a world characterized by rapid change.

The following are 7 people living the invention of the method produced by the technology, changing the way people interact with it:

1 – Jeff Dean Jeff Dean:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

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Running Jeff Dean Jeff Dean as chair of the Department of artificial intelligence at Google, which is of the most important characters that help transform artificial intelligence from science fiction to reality.

Is Jeff Dean one of the first employees hired at Google, where he joined the company in 1999, after receiving his PhD degree in Computer Science, from the University of Washington three years ago, and is one of the eminent personalities who have contributed to the growth of the company, where he designed and implemented a lot of techniques and infrastructure for distributed computing Distributed Computing, which supports most of the Google products.

President and CEO, Google; Sundar Pichai that Google will become the company’s artificial intelligence in the first place, in Da old colleague in the systems group and infrastructure, so it is believed he and his team are one of the pillars necessary to achieve this.

As head of the Department of artificial intelligence focuses Jeff and his team is currently working on the development of techniques for speech recognition, and computer vision Computer Vision, language understanding, robotics, and health care.

During the month of February last, stated Jeff saying: “the health care interest him greatly, as they relate to the imposition of artificial intelligence”.

It is now already integrating artificial intelligence in products Google common, such as: an option to build smart e-mail Gmail, the plugin audio included via product family of devices from Google, and much more.

2 – Katie Dale Katie Dill:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Run Katie Dale Katie Dill as vice chairman of the design department in the company, Lyft, is working on the formation of consumers experience with the application of the self-employment Gig-economy Apps.

Katie Dale has a knack for understanding how things work, and how it should work in fact, this is an important skill for anyone who depicts the experience that pass by the users each and every day with vital services, such as: transport services participatory.

Prior to joining the company Lyft during the month of last October, Katie was the director of design and customer experience on Airbnb for four years.

Says Katie: “the product design does not end when you look at your design on your computer screen, and says: it’s great! Where there is depends on this design to perform many of the tasks, a work that we must understand what he needs, and improve his experience with the house down”.

3 – Tristan Harris Tristan Harris:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Tristan Harris Tristan Harris is founder and director of the Centre for Humanitarian Technology Center for Humane Technology, whose task is to reduce the damage caused by the technology platforms, and systems in technology; to match with the human side of human beings.

I got Tristan a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, then co-founded Apture in 2007, then worked at Apple and Google, but in 2013 during his work at Google, he began to feel as if the technology industry had derailed; it instead of working on product development of new creative, has become increasingly focused on attracting the attention of its users, urging them to spend more time in use, it was found that the manner in which the technical tools with the human mind may have come to constitute an existential threat to humans, Also that no one says or does anything about it.

Pushed it to the design of the presentation component of the 141 provided about the ways in which the technology companies with the users, and urged Google in particular, work to reduce such damage.

It took some time, as it forced Harris to leave Google to be on a team with a group of eminent personalities in the world of technology; to promote the cause, and the cooperation of the center established with large institutions, such as: Common Sense Media Planning, and campaigns in schools in all parts of the country; to educate parents, students, and even children about the dangers of addiction to technology.

With increasing pressure on technology companies to address the problems related paraphernalia and organs, made Google, Apple and Facebook over the past year tools can monitor the time spent by users on smartphones and applications; to help reduce this time.

4 – Lisa Jackson Lisa Jackson:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Liz was vice president for Environment and social initiatives in the company the Apple TV since 2013, trying to prove to the world that corporate success, environmental responsibility; not mutually exclusive.

Legislation Lisa on the efforts of Apple to assess the impact on the environment to a minimum by addressing climate change, energy efficiency, and reduce the need to use new materials from the earth to manufacture products, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials, and invent new ways to maintain precious resources. Has made the Apple TV is already progress on this front thanks to the efforts made by Lisa.

5. the identity of Liu Howie Liu:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Hui Liu Howie Liu, Andrew open Andrew Ofstad, the IT Nicholas Emmett Nicholas, are the founders of the platform Airtable, which aims through it to allow anyone to build an application, even if not with respect to programming.

The identity of Liu, the founder and CEO of Airtable with its partners – Andrew over, who currently holds the position of senior product Airtable, the IT Nicholas senior technology – for the first time in the Duke University of America, and then moved the three to the Silicon Valley, and worked in the technology industry, and then they established a company Airtable.

Managed the company’s emerging Airtable attract a large audience, and succeeded in collecting more than $ 170 million in the form of investment financing since its founding in 2015.

The basic idea behind the Airtable is that applications have become essential to society and business, so it must be developed easy, and accessible to everyone, nor suspected to be a software developer to do it.

6 – Tony Reed Toni Reid:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Run Tony Reid, vice president of Amazon user experience special assistant to audio Alexa and Echo, which is one of the first 600 employees worked in the company, was a witness to all the developments in which directly.

Provide governance that is controlled by voice, a new way to interact with devices, allowing them to integrate more fully in our lives, and our homes, and our. While Google and Apple have their versions of aid voice of their own, however, Amazon is considered the strongest in the competition thanks to features that are supported by Alexa, and Echo, thanks to Tony Reed.

7 – Masayoshi Son Masayoshi Son:

7 أشخاص يغيرون كيفية تفاعل الناس مع التكنولوجيا

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese businessman, is the founder and executive director of the company’s current Japan’s SoftBank, under his leadership, there is the investment fund bears the name: SoftBank’s Vision Fund, worth $ 100 million, are pumping many of the investment projects in the Silicon Valley.

The SoftBank pumping a wide range of investments in the field of artificial intelligence, semiconductors, e-commerce, transportation, and health care. Reputation of the financial support for technology companies to remain privately owned for longer periods, as it provides companies with the cash, the resources needed for.

So it depends Masayoshi of the characters that clearly have an impact in the world of technology, and is the investment fund which is managed by very strong, where some believe that it can happen to startups that succeed in competitive markets, such as: companies, transportation services, participatory, e-commerce, and food, and artificial intelligence.

Among the largest investments of SoftBank’s investment in Uber Uber, which is preparing to go public on the stock exchange during the coming weeks. As the SoftBank pumping a total of 10.5 billion dollars in WeWork, which is valued at approximately $ 47 million.

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