7 reasons to use models Google

Prepare (models Google) Google Forms quick and easy tool to use to create polls, or vote, or create tests online and send it to the students to solve, or organize events and manage registrations which, and much more.

It also integrates seamlessly with Google products, such as: Google docs, spreadsheets, etc. which allows you to organize the data collected. In addition they work well with other platforms such as Google Images, YouTube, which lets you embed photos and videos without leaving the tool.

The following are 7 reasons to use models Google:

1. Create models of unlimited free using templates Google:

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

Provide you the most prototyping tools online the free trial period is limited they are before you start being charged for the service.

And it’s okay to use subscription-based service if required, but if you’re someone who runs a business is small, or if you are part of non-profit organizations will be models Google a great option for you.

Fortunately, one of the great features in the models Google is it allows you to conduct many of the surveys free as you want, at least in your personal account. To time; also provide a variety of templates that you can choose from to create polls for your needs.

2 – portability problems results:

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

Allows you models Google the possibility of cooperation with the people instantaneous within the file is also available in Google Docs, and spreadsheets, where you can watch the model – along with the results of this model in a spreadsheet – with any number you want from people.

Can all members who are added display model, as you can grant any other member of the group authorization to the amendment which lets you follow the edits of others.

3. the display of questions based on the answers:

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

You can set up a poll does not ask participants only to certain sections based on their answers, through the following steps:

  • Open the model, and in the bottom right side of the page, click on the button (more), which is a horizontal three points.
  • Click on the option (move to section based on the answer) Go to section based on the answer.
  • Choose specific sections to guide the participants to according to their answers.

4. suitable for phones:

Not all prototyping tools are good in mobile browsers also, and important features in the models Google is their compatibility with all operating systems, which means that the check boxes, questionnaires, multiple-choice fields and texts will be easy to use for participants, regardless of which device they’re using to open the form.

This feature helps in getting a higher response rate than expected, compared to any suitable tool, especially after the increasing numbers of smartphone users.

5. easy customization:

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

Allows you models Google the possibility to customize forms and surveys to match with your company brand, or the institution in which it operates, through the ability to change the format of the survey to be consistent with your company brand, where you can adjust the colors in each of the templates previously, and add images to those models, and change the font style.

6 – think models Google is a powerful tool for teachers and students:

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

7 أسباب تدفعك لاستخدام نماذج جوجل

One of the benefits is expected from models Google in its help for the disabled. As one of the Services Package G Suite, they are considered an economical way for teachers to collect data and help them manage their classrooms more efficiently, as follows:

  • Track attendance in the classroom.
  • Conducting tests for students on the topic of what online easily.
  • Provide templates Student Assessment, or even evaluation of the courses and receive the responses and observations of each student’s participation.

7. use models to Google in your company:

In addition to being a wonderful tool for teachers, think models Google is an important tool for business, for example: if you manage to store a simple online you can use to get customer comments or fill out the application forms. If you have employees you can also use them to fill in the leave requests.

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