7 safety factors important to owners of electronic stores

No longer owning electronic stores coupled to the top companies working in the field of e-commerce such as: Amazon, Alibaba, etc., but the development of it to include small businesses, medium enterprises in various disciplines, and spread the e-stores, run by individuals working from their homes, or from small stores.

It is worth mentioning that the establishment of an e-store profitable – regardless of whether you sell products or services – but it faces many challenges, as the stages of the main construction includes: custom web site design for fun, and attract visitors to it, and then convert those visitors into customers.

And for the record, it must take into account many factors during the establishment of the site your e-store, the most important take into account security best practices, because to overlook this factor will give your business the full risk. If you do not give priority of cyber security within your organization, or your website, you are offering a golden opportunity for hackers, and to penetrate and threaten the continuation of your business in the market.

The following are 7 important factors to the owners of the electronic stores:

1 – Choose a hosting service secure:

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As one of the owners of the electronic stores you are responsible for all customer data stored on website servers, including e-mail, credit cards, dates of transactions, but it is impossible to maintain this kind of information secret and safe. if you can’t trust the server, and that hosts your site.

Competition in the world of online retail, you should invest in a service cloud hosted, safe, and high, where the dependence on the center of the Shared Data Increases the difficulty of maintaining the security of your data, this is more something that might hurt your job, accordingly if you choose a hosting company cheap and reliable, you will not get the performance bad, but may be affected by the security of your website adversely also.

Choosing a hosting service is good will give your website a boost, and help improve the theme in the results of search engines, in addition to improving the user experience as a result of the good performance of the site, which will have a positive impact directly on the high number of visitors and customers.

2. add SSL protection:

Not limited to secure website hosting web custom Fun website to choosing a hosting provider is reliable only where it is each time a client enters a password, or a credit card number on your website, it is exposed to the risk of capture by pirates on that information.

To provide peace of mind for you, and your customers, and to improve CTR in search engines, it is important to do to activate the protection protocol SSL on your website, This is known as the protocol known as SSL – Secure Socket Layer, which protects the online transactions, by maintaining the confidentiality of data during transmission across the sites through consultation, in other words, the customer data will be invisible to hackers.

A lot of people use the internet via Wi-Fi networks generally unreliable, perhaps unsafe, making their personal data available to anyone, but with the use of SSL encryption, can decrypt the stolen data.

3 – encrypt the data client:

Using a protection protocol SSL; you protect customer data flowing between the server and the browser client, but this does not prevent the Pirates from trying to sneak into the backend systems, stealing information directly from the source, for this reason it is necessary the presence of encryption tools to protect databases, servers your.

Unlikely to allow you hosting service at first to install security software in your server, but you should ask questions about the Security options that you will get them, before subscribing to a hosting service, where you must encrypt the database tables, to protect e-mail addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers.

4 – Select vulnerabilities constantly:

Give e-commerce can lead to a very large loss. Because if you listen to your customers access your site reliably, it means a loss in revenue. That is why; you must be proactive as much as possible in the search for potential vulnerabilities, before used by someone else.

The process known as penetration testing Penetration Testing company set the security of the External, the attack lawyer’s letter didn’t say by hackers, for the weaknesses exploitable, and if they find any weakness in your site, or one of the databases associated with it, will they alert you of the problem, and make recommendations to correct the imbalance.

5 – compatibility with data protection laws:

Became the privacy of users is one of the leading technical outlook global during the year 2018, where he entered the general rules of the data protection GDPR comes into force on May 25, 2018, which is the Privacy Act issued by the European Union; to give users the ability to control their personal data online, has affected by these regulations directly on how to come sites the whole internet with data users.

Under the rules of the data protection GPDR; you should say any website available to European users to data management according to her, so customers must be notified about how to share their data, and alert them in the event of a security breach, where a failure in compatibility with the rules of these regulations can lead to fines and penalties is large.

6 – data backup:

You need every e-commerce sites to develop an emergency plan; to deal appropriately with the problems Snap, such as: the occurrence of any cyberattack, or interruption of service, the goal is to restore the site to the primary web, and databases associated with it, and for normal functioning as quickly as possible.

You must have your organization car backup strict for all major databases, where emphasizes the best practices in this regard must be taken of more of the backup servers, multiple global, even if the core database in your area, you can move the work to another quickly.

7. Use alerts to threat real-time:

There is a common saying to say: “knowledge is power”, and that applies to secure web sites, including e-commerce sites, especially when it comes to dealing early with any of hacking attempts and malware, targeting those sites.

The more she learned early that there is a threat that was best, and that’s one of the main reasons for the change in investment in one of the monitoring services web sites. Although the subscription fees associated with the ecommerce sites may be a bit high, but that it is worth thinking about where to hit him.

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